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Free Education in Europe

The countries in Europe providing free education are Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria .

 Free Education

Payment is not necessary to pay to the University. In Commonwealth nations like UK, Australia, and Canada, Universities are charging 7 to 10 Lakhs from International students. But universities from European nations Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Austria are investing 5 to 7 Lakhs on International Students.

Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa allows you to travel and work in 14 nations of the EU. EU nations are rich, technically advanced countries an rich. Euro is the common currency in all these countries.


In Commonwealth nations getting an admission is very easy but getting a visa is very hard. In EU nations getting admission is hard but getting visa is very easy because these embassies don’t bother about your belongings details. However, no one got elimination for these countries except Germany to till date. Unfortunately if you get rejected also you won’t get any rejection stamp in your passport.

Working Opportunities

While studying in those countries allow international students to work 20 hours per week. Germany allows an extra work facility of 90 full days in a year.


AIRC (American International Recruitment Council)

QISAN (Quality International Study Abroad Network)

NAFSA (Association of International Educators – Individual Member)

ICEF (It Brings together International Educators, industry service providers and carefully screened student recruitment agents)

EAIE (European Association for International Education)

AIEA (Association of International Education Administrators)

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