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One to One Private English Lessons

Personal Online English Classes

One to One Online English Classes

Get individual training from our highly qualified English trainers at a time that suits you. Private lessons are available according to your needs and convenient time. You can master English skills on various topics according to your need ranging from grammar, writing, business communication, spoken English, international exam preparatory, voice and accent, and so on.

Private Online English Training Classes

Get personalized English lessons from experts!

One to One Peronalized Training for English - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu

Individual English Classes online

✓  Level: Basic to Advanced
✓  Mode: Online Private Lessons
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Take a Pre- Course Assessment today, this will ensure you get exactly the guidance you need.

Personal Online English Training

How are you Assessed?

Before the training commences, we ask you to take up a grammar, writing, and speaking test guided by our counselor. This allows the course trainer to have a detailed understanding of your English language challenges – before you start your training. After an initial assessment, we will pair you up with a specialist tutor who will plan the sessions based on your personal objectives.

Course Module: Customized as per your need.

Our one-to-one English Class provides course contents and materials tailored towards your specific needs. This Course can help improve your communication skills, international exam preparation, accent,  interview preparation or teach you specialized business English.

Course Duration: Personalized

Whatever your personal English goal is, this option allows you to tailor your course to your needs.

Course Timings: Flexible

Session Duration: Each 45 Mins

Progress tests and training take place in order to measure your achievement, and required areas are paid extra attention through regular progress monitoring.

Choose your Learning Plan


No. of Sessions - 12

Each Session - 45 Mins

Validity - 1 Month



No. of Sessions - 30

Each Session - 45 Mins

Validity - 2 Months 



No. of Sessions - 40

Each Session - 45 Mins

Validity - 2 Months 


Online Mentorship Program (60 Days) - Self Paced
Online Mentorship Program (MSP) gives you the opportunity to work with your trainer and overcome your communication challenges.  
Grammar Skills

Refresh your Grammar rules accompanied by activities and  reliable assignments to make consistent progress.

Online Email Writing Course - Aksent

30+ Varied Speaking Activities on everyday life situations and get personalized feedback scores from your trainer.

Business English Communication Course - Aksent

 20+ Writing Drills, ensuring students encounter the most relevant  language at the right point in their learning.

Online Email Writing Course - Aksent
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