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Best Online English Grammar Course

Practice Grammar Online with an Expert!

Learn and Practice Grammar Online; Become a confident English user!

     Grammar is the foundation of any language, and English is no different. With Aksent’s online grammar lessons, you can take a big leap towards communicating fluently in English.

Aksent’s Online English Grammar Mastery Course helps you learn the grammar concepts from the basic to the complicated elements. If you are looking for the Best Online English Course to help you improve and refresh your grammar skills, then you are at the right place. 

Aksent offers the Best Online English Classes, and its Online English Grammar Mastery course is highly suggested for learners who are from Pre-Intermediate to Upper-intermediate level. 

“Aksent’s Online English Grammar Mastery Practice course is a convenient, fun, and flexible way to build the solid foundation you need to communicate accurately and creatively”.

Online communication skills training

Online Grammar Mastery Course

What will you learn?
Course Topics
Module 1 
Grammar Terms
Adjectives & Adverbs
Comparatives & Superlatives
Connectors & Relative Clauses
Revision of Module 1
Module 2
Grammar Terms
‘Be’ forms, ‘have’ forms & ‘do’ forms
Tenses (Simple, Continuous, Perfect)
Passive Voice
Verbs and Auxiliaries
Reported Speech
Revision of Module 2
Course Deliverables
Live and Interactive Grammar Workout sessions.
30+ Pre-Recorded Videos clearly explained.
25 Grammar Topics Covered with PDF Reference Materials.
Around 75 Practice Assignments to master English Grammar Concepts.
2 Months Free Access for Grammar Videos.
A private VIP community group for clearing doubts and better engagement.
Course Completion E- Certificate.

Content Delivery Language: English and Tamil

Let’s not learn Grammar;
Let’s Practice it.

Who should join?

✓ Anyone who wants to learn and practice grammar from the basics.

✓ Anyone who wants to brush up on English Grammar Skills.

✓ Anyone who is not confident in using grammatical structures.

✓ Aspirants of International English Exams.

✓ Anyone who wants to perfect their use of English grammar to communicate more effectively and professionally. 

Course Approach

✓ Live, practical, and interactive.

✓ The right balance of explanation and practice, and regular assessments on grammar skills make these Online English  Courses a wonderful learning experience for grammar learners.

✓ Activities are contextualized to practice grammar in everyday situations.

✓ Common grammar errors in English are fixed through extensive practice workouts.

Know your Course Instructor - Dr. Azhar Ahmed

Dr. Azhar Ahmed - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu

Expert English teacher Dr. Azhar Ahmed has been teaching students from all over the world for 15+ years in various Institutions and Corporate Communities. He has helped students from all over the world achieve success with their English, helping people get better jobs with their English or adapt to living in a new country. Training English is a delicate balance of skill, insight, planning, and understanding. It requires patient, smart, and experienced people to do it well. Simply put, Dr. Azhar loves teaching English. It is a massive thrill for him when every student succeeds. During his university studies he has been involved voluntarily with several organizations as an intern and this experience, along with his learning about subjects such as Economics, Public Administration, Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Psychology, and English gave him crucial insight into the world of personality skills and using English as a means of communication both with native and non-native speakers. He is a passionate promoter of English and structurally approaches accent, pitch, and modulation to give trainees an understanding of the nuances of the English language. He is an internationally trained trainer offering individuals and groups a wide variety of options ranging from practical training to mentoring options. He also serves as a freelance editor to various corporate groups by developing copywriting supplies. His sessions and seminars on Communication are always a mixture of General English and corporate culture. He strongly believes that both go hand in hand for individuals in their lives.

Why Grammar Mastery Course at Aksent?

✓ Live Sessions.

✓ Feasibility to attend sessions from wherever you are.

✓ 100% Practical and result-oriented course.

✓ Option to cope with your missed lessons through recordings.

✓ Highly qualified, experienced, and internationally trained trainer.

✓ Access your classes even through a mobile phone with a decent internet connection.

✓ Authenticated training material and workout sheets for reference.

✓ Access to 25+Pre-Recorded sessions for practicing the concepts thoroughly.

How can I attend the Online sessions?

You can attend the sessions by mobile/computer/laptop that has a decent internet speed. The Online platform used for training is ZOOM. You must download the ZOOM application on your mobile/computer/laptop/tablet to attend the Online sessions. Once you complete the registration process, you will be given the access link to join your every session. 

Click this link to download the zoom application:

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