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Best Online English Classes in Chennai

Learn English online 

Online English Courses for Beginners to Advanced level learners.

           Aksent offers the best online English classes that give you the flexibility to study from wherever and whenever you like.  Our highly innovative and unique mix of engaging Online English courses is accompanied by assessments and personalized feedback sessions that allow the students to progress consistently. If you are looking for the best online English class, then you are at the right place. Aksent provides a communicative, student-centered approach that follows best practices for learning and practicing English online.

Best-Selling English courses @ Aksent

Online Spoken English Class - Aksent Chennai



Improve your Listening, Public Speaking, GD, and Conversation Skills.

One to One - English Lessons at Aksent



Individualized Sessions. Get Personalized One to One English Sessions from experts.

Business English Training Aksent



Upskill your Business English Skills and become successful at work. Weekend Sessions

Online Basic Grammar Course

Online Basic Grammar Course - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
(Level – I) Basic Learners | 10 Weeks

     Aksent’s Basic English Grammar Course is highly suitable for beginners who want a better understanding of English Grammar Terms and Sentence Structures. These Online Basic English Grammar Classes help you build a solid English foundation to learn and master Advance Grammatical Structures.

Online Grammar Mastery Course

Best Online Grammar Mastery Course - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
(Level – II)
Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate Learners | 8 Weeks

     One of the highest-selling online English courses is Online Grammar Mastery Course. This course follows a communicative approach to help students learn the rules and functions of grammar. This Online Grammar Course helps Students bridge the gap between understanding English grammar theory and applying grammar correctly while speaking and writing English

Online Mentorship Program (MSP)

Online Mentorship Program for Self Paced Learning -Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
Beginner to Upper Intermediate Learners | 60 Days

     Aksent’s Online Mentorship Program is highly recommended for English learners who need abundant listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills practice. This Online Spoken English Course gives learners the opportunity to work with their trainer and overcome their communication challenges.

Online Speaking Courses

Online Speaking Course best - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
Basic to Advanced Learners | 8 - 10 Weeks

     These Online Communicative Mastery Courses are exclusively suitable for English learners who want to master effective communication skills. Aspirants master their conversation, group discussion, and public speaking skills through live and interactive sessions

Online Business English Communication

Best Online Business English Communication - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
Intermediate to Advanced Learners | 10 Weeks

     The Online Business English Communication classes provide pick up and use business English skills and are equipped with intensive, practical, and skills-based sessions.  Presentation, meetings, Socializing, and Email writing skills are the core training topics in this course.

One to One Private Online English Lessons

Best Private online one to one class - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
Basic to Advanced Learners | Customized Duration

     Get individual training from our highly qualified English trainers at a time that suits you. Private lessons are available according to your needs and convenient time. You can master English skills on various topics according to your need ranging from grammar, writing, business communication, spoken English, international exam preparatory, voice and accent, and so on.

Online English Classes for Children

Best Online Class for Children - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
12 to 16 Years | Customized

     Aksent offers Online English Classes for children which is exciting and rewarding. The courses are built with interactive exercises and games that would make students’ learning enjoyable. Aksent ensures children understand the nuances of the English language and start communicating and writing English effectively for academic and personal success.

English for Corporates / Institutions

English for Corporates  Institutions - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
Community Training | Online / At your Campus

     Aksent offers the quality, expertise, and outcomes our clients expect on platforms that are easy to use and deliver a fantastic learner experience. We offer fully be-spoken English training solutions and develop training courses that are practical, engaging, and productive. We use our content, or we can help you develop your content.

Online Voice and Accent Training

Online Voice and Accent Training - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
Level – II | Inter to Advanced | 8 Weeks

     Aksent’s Online American Accent Course starts with the basics of English pronunciation, the objective of the voice and accent course is to make you practice what you learn. This course offers an opportunity for students to learn highly actionable content. This course is open to children and adults who want to neutralize their accents and sound English like native English speakers.

Azhar’s English Club

Dr. Azhar Ahmed - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
Private Community Group | Subscription Plans

     Join our English-speaking community today and become an effective communicator. An exclusive opportunity is waiting for you to learn, practice, perform and inspire. Get access to the resources and be a diligent participant of the community. Participate in challenges and improve your communication skills step by step. Become a part of live events on communication and interpersonal skills hosted by experts.

Learn from the Comfort of Home!

Weekday and  Weekend Sessions.