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Online Voice and Accent Training in Chennai

Online US Accent Training Course

American Accent Course

Aksent offers the best online spoken English classes to assist your ability to communicate in English and taste success. Aksent conducts an Online voice and accent training course for adults and young learners who are interested to sound like native speakers. This course can help you to be understood native speakers’ accents and allow you to fully express yourself. Aksent’s American Accent course is for aspirants who wanted to enrich their accent from the scratch.

Voice and Accent Training Course

Best Voice and Accent training course to interact confidently with native speakers
What will you learn?
Accent Reduction
Communication Complications with Americans
Single Syllable Emphasis
Mastering The Basics of Communication
Enunciation, Modulation, and Down Speak
Listen, Watch, & Read
Intonation Strategies
Varying Your Speed of Speech
Non-Verbal Skills & Behaviours
Joy & Self-Confidence
Intricate American English Pronunciation
Conversational American English Skills
Complex Consonant Sounds
Culture & Jargon
Tricky Vowel Sounds
Breaking the Ice
Syllables and Word Stress Practice
Meeting & Greeting New People
Pronunciation Tips
Ask Questions & Prep for Exit
Course Modules
Course Deliverables
Live and Interactive Training sessions
PDF material for reference
Regular Assignments
Course Completion E-Certificate
Private Social Media Community.

Who is this course for?

✓ Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate English students.

✓ Professionals working at/with multinational companies.

✓ College/University students learning English for their future careers.

Course Approach

If you are learning English for your job or career, or even studies, then Mastering the American Accent is a crucial addition to your course load. The complete course features a practice-oriented approach which includes clear and thorough instruction along with plenty of exercises to help you review and practice the American Accent.

Best American Accent course to make you sound American

Why Aksent’s Online American Accent course?

✓ If you want to get an edge in today’s global work marketplace, let Aksent help you master the                      American accent. We offer an opportunity for you to learn directly from professional instructors.

✓ We offer practical and highly actionable content and curricula that you can take with you to the workplace as early as tomorrow. This Online American Accent course features not only beginner-level material, yet also offers a more deep dive into more granular industry jargon that is common throughout the American workplace landscape.

✓ Our instructor will tackle the different regional dialects as well as some of the common maxims,                  aphorisms, and even everyday vernacular that can be heard on the streets of cities and towns all across the United States in the 2020s and beyond.

✓ Being a successful communicator in the global business world will be vastly improved if you take this  Online American Accent course since the American customer oftentimes needs to understand and communicate with us regularly in order for business growth to continue to be plentiful. We encourage you to take good notes and practice daily what you’ve learned in our course so that you may improve substantially and in good time.

How can I attend the Online sessions?

You can attend the sessions by mobile/computer/laptop that has a decent internet speed. The Online platform used for training is ZOOM. You must download the ZOOM application on your mobile/computer/laptop/tablet to attend the Online sessions. Once you complete the registration process, you will be given the access link to join your every session. 

Click this link to download the zoom application:

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