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Best American Accent Course to make you Sound American

Voice and Accent Training 

Online American Accent Course

Aksent conducts Voice and Accent Training courses for adults and young learners who are interested to sound like native speakers. These courses can help you to be understood native speakers accent and allow you to fully express yourself. Aksent’s American Accent course is for aspirants who wanted to enrich their accent from the scratch.

Aksent offers the Best American Accent English Course in India


Master the American Accent with Aksent

Why Aksent’s Online American Accent course is the right course to improve your pronunciation?

If you want to get an edge in today’s global work marketplace, let Aksent help you master the American accent.  We offer an opportunity for you to learn directly from professional corporate American instructors who have worked in finance, education, technology, and other corporate industries. 

We offer practical and highly actionable content and curricula that you can take with you to the workplace as early as tomorrow.  This Online American Accent course features not only beginner level material, yet also offers a more deep dive into more granular industry jargon that is common throughout the American workplace landscape. 

Our instructor will tackle the different regional dialects as well as some of the common maxims, aphorisms, and even everyday vernacular that can be heard on the streets of cities and towns all across the United States in the 2020s and beyond. 

Being a successful communicator in the global business world will be vastly improved if you take this Online American Accent course since the American customer oftentimes needs to understand and communicate with us regularly in order for business growth to continue to be plentiful.  We encourage you to take good notes and practice daily what you’ve learned in our course so that you may improve substantially and in good time.


Who is this course for

  • Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate English students
  • Professionals working at/with multinational companies
  • College/University students learning English for their future careers

Course Duration 

30 Hours – 100% Online
22 Hours – Live, 8 Hours On Demand Session

Course Instructor:

Michael Hoeft

Training Head, Aksent 

Online Training Division (Asia Pacific)


Be able to read, speak, and understand English
(Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level)

Course Approach

If you are learning English for your job or career, or even studies, then Mastering the American Accent is a crucial addition to your course load. The complete course features a practice-oriented approach which includes clear and thorough instruction along with plenty of exercises to help you review and practice the American Accent.

Course Syllabus

Accent Reduction

  • Single Syllable Emphasis
  • Enunciation, Modulation, and Down Speak
  • Intonation Strategies
  • Varying Your Speed of Speech

Intricate American English Pronunciation

  • Complex Consonant Sounds
  • Tricky Vowel Sounds
  • Syllables and Word Stress Practice
  • Pronunciation Tips

Conquering Communication Complications with Americans

  • Mastering The Basics of Communication
  • Listen, Watch, & Read
  • Non-Verbal Skills & Behaviours
  • Joy & Self-Confidence

Conversational American English Skills

  • Culture & Jargon
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Meeting & Greeting New People
  • Ask Questions & Prep for Exit


DurationModeTo Register Contact
30 HoursOnline Live 22 Hours
Online Recorded – 8 Hours
+91 9840633666
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Meet the Course Instructor

Michael Hoeft

Training Head, Aksent 

Online Training Division (Asia Pacific)

Competitive US Student & 2001 UCLA English Graduate (cum laude) Spent 15 Years in Finance & Private Education Built & Ran a Futures Trading Hedge Fund and Futures Trading Brokerage Firms (2006-2014) Current Principal & Founder of Learnhall LLC, a private tutoring & educational consulting firm, and Vor Capital Group LLC, an alternative investment firm, both in Vancouver, Washington, USA (2016-Present)

 Michael Hoeft has always been passionate about solid communication whether it’s speaking, listening, or writing.  The business world has always been a place where he was able to connect with partners, customers, and even competitors in his quest to learn and improve and drive business forward.  However, his passion started in the classroom as he has always been an exemplary learner who loved to compete for high marks against his fellow classmates.  These strong academic and business backgrounds have earned Mr. Hoeft excellent results in myriad aspects of life, most notably that he has been entrepreneurial since he was relatively young and he considers his command of the English language to be one of the primary reasons why he has been competitive in the unforgiving business world.  He has both tutored and taught myriad subjects, especially English education for global adult learners, and he is excited to share his insights and knowledge with Indian adult learners who are strongly affiliated with Aksent as he believes that India is enjoying one of the most exciting renaissances in decades and he is delighted to take part in it and assist with regards to this Mastering the American Accent Course.  While he lives and works in the US, he nevertheless wants to continue to help Aksent’s diligent and sharp learners domiciled in India to improve in their communication efforts using the English language whether it’s an academic course, a standardized English language exam course, and/or a professional and/or business communication course.

Frequently Asked Question

How to register for this American Accent course?

Very Easy process. You can pay your fees through any of the multiple payment options that we have in the Payment Page. If you wish to get any support from any one of the course counsellors, you can do that by calling +91 9840633666/ +91 7299887777. After paying you will get your invoice through your mail once you fill the online registration form

Who should take this American Accent course?

Anyone who wants to improve their English speaking skills in the professional and social realms should take this course as it’s a great
value and there will be lots of actionable nuggets of wisdom and resources for you to continue to work diligently on speaking English
better and better over time.

Is the American Accent Course theoretical or practical?

Mastering the American Accent is a highly practical, actionable course where you can apply what you’ve learned to your school/university environment, your work environment, and/or possibly your social environment (if you deal with Americans in those arenas). We skip the theory and give you up-to-date information and insights so that you can glean the most intriguing and helpful tips and tricks to make communicating in English something that is even more fun and rewarding than it may have been before.

What training material is followed during the US accent training course?

The American Accent training course includes abundant handouts where students can practise along with the course instructor. The course allows you to download materials that will help you master the accent with ease.

What kinds of activities are conducted during the course to improve my American Accent?

We will offer a Slack channel for all members of the course. Additionally, we offer proprietary quizzes & mini-exams to help make sure you are staying engaged and active in the course.

What if I miss a session/class?

No worries, as all our training sessions are recorded, you will be given access for the missed session so that you can cover all the components of the course with ease.

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Bala Murugan
Bala Murugan
02:42 14 Feb 20
Our Company conducted training for us and luckily our HR found out Aksent. We are a start-up company and our colleagues... had to undergo some basic Business Communication training. The training took place for 5 days, we were 25 participants. I would say that this Business course gave hand on experience about common stuff such as how to speak with clients, attending meeting, business presentations etc. I am very happy to be the part of the audience. I recommend all the mid level and start up companies to get these inputs to create a professional communication environment. My Special thanks to Dr. Azhar who conducted the training for us. Hope to have many more trainings like this ….read more
Dhina Karan
Dhina Karan
02:37 12 Feb 20
Hello All, my opinion about the Communicative English training is, it is interesting and constructive course! Perhaps... some of the sessions for me as advanced level student felt a bit too theory, after theory sessions I enjoyed my sessions, very satisfied anyway. Thank you so much for offering this course to me Aksent. Congrats for all my batch students. … read more
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar
05:30 08 Feb 20
Hello everyone, Aksent improved my confidence and fluency in a very right way. All of my batch students and my trainers... were all supportive to make my English skills good. Different types of activities from conversation skills, public speaking, debates, group discussion and many activities are good. I am rating it as best training English classes in Chennai.read more
Mathavan Bose
Mathavan Bose
12:04 24 Dec 19
Hi everyone, I absolutely loved my classed practicing English at Aksent. My trainer and his supporting staff were... knowledgeable and extremely patient, especially when we speak with errors. All the sessions were approached in fun and humor and it helped me individually to improve my standards. As a whole my experience at Aksent is fantastic. I would highly recommend Aksent Communicative Course especially 3 months course, to anyone wishing to learn English at any level.read more
Ananda Ananda
Ananda Ananda
10:38 24 Dec 19
All I can say about my training is, it has changed my complete personality. I saw a huge development in my... communicating skills. Aksent’s trainers were excellent and had good knowledge in what they were handling. Understood my strengths and weakness and clearly explained to me, where I have to improve and could do better. I am very happy that it was not like an institute that had full boring classes. Thanks Aksent. Promise delivered.read more
Ramakrishnan Ram
Ramakrishnan Ram
14:25 22 Dec 19
The trainees in my batch came from different backgrounds, like housewives, graduates, professionals and business... people. The experience was completely different and interactions happened lot sharing their experiences. Dr. Azhar was impeccable and inspiring everyone of us in every class. Each day was like watching a film, so thrilling and useful. Aksent is the place for me which I will never ever forget in my life.read more
balasubramani allharswamy
balasubramani allharswamy
16:08 18 Dec 19
The sessions is easy to understand and goes at a great pace, however I found myself going over some grammar more than... once as sometimes i felt too fast. I would say that my course at Aksent is well structured, presented, and practical! Thank you very much! It is greatly appreciated.read more
Arun Arun
Arun Arun
15:50 18 Dec 19
First of all, I need to thank the Almighty because he given an opportunity to study in this Best English training... institution. The trainers are very friendly and good and they all helped me to correct the mistakes made by me with their training methods. The basic grammar to advanced speaking classes was good I joined the 120 Hours course program here and it was very useful. The discussion with the training director had helped me to improve my speaking and pronunciation. It is a good and better place to learn English. Thanks Again Aksent for this opportunity. Thanks for training effectively I am thankful to Azhar and team for his best efforts.read more
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