Best Voice and Accent Training Courses to interact confidently with native speakers!

Voice and Accent Training (American and British)

Voice and Accent Training

Course Description

Aksent conducts Voice and Accent Training courses for adults and young learners who are interested to sound like native speakers. These courses can help you to be understood native speakers accent and allow you to fully express yourself. Aksent’s Voice and Accent training course is for aspirants who wanted to enrich their accent from the scratch.

Course Eligibility

  • Students should have excellent communication skills with neutral accent to join the Accent Training course.
  • Students should take up and pass a quick diagnostic test to enroll into this course.

Course Approach and Outcomes

  • Voice and Accent Training courses enriched with practical sessions and usually of one to one practice exercises. The course is trained by internationally trained Trainers.
  • The course trains on intonations and expressions, vocabulary, voice modulation, transpositions, phonetics, accent reduction parameters, rate of speech, linguistic parameters, and neutralization.
  • The outcome of the course is very effective as students are allowed to engage on various interactive sessions with effective digital support

Course Includes

  • Audio support material of Native speakers. (US and UK Accent)
  • Pronunciation app with online practice. (UK Accent)



Sounds – Independent and CombiningPhonemic Symbols
Stress/ PatternRising and Falling Tone
Pronunciation of Letters/Sounds/Words and PhrasesPronunciation in Conversation
IntonationIntonation in Formal Settings
Organizing Information in ConversationFurther Practice
AccentObjectives of Pronunciation


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