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The TOEIC test has been from more than 30 years the global standard for mapping structure English-language communicating skills. The TOEIC tests, covering the TOEIC Listening and Reading test and the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are used by more than 10,000 businesses, organizations and government agencies in more than 120 countries. In 2010, more than six million TOEIC tests administered around the world, well establishing the TOEIC Program as the broadest and most massively used English-communication language rating for workplace. For more information on TOEIC tests and further assistance visit Various companies, schools and many other organizations, as well as individuals are using TOEIC test as a impressive way as an opportunity to check the English skill levels for their employees and students. The TOEIC test is running over 120 countries around the world.

WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit

Measure key behavioral skills that predict success with the new WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit ETS is proud to introduce the new WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit, designed to help employers identify the candidates most likely to succeed in their organizations. This innovative 20–25 minute, web-based assessment measures six behavioral competencies. The factors underlying these competencies are proven indicators of workplace success:

  • Initiative & Preseverance
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork & Citizenship
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Problem Solving & Ingenuity
  • Flexibility & Resilience

You are provided with an Overall Job Fit Score that indicates the candidate’s likelihood of success in the position. This score is tailored to the type of job you are filling and the behavioral skills candidates need to perform successfully in that job. The research-based WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit provides easy-to-understand individual score reports and a roster report that enables you to easily compare scores across all candidates for the position in the corporates. Adding the WorkFORCE Assessment for Job Fit to your recruiting tools enables you to better screen candidates and streamline the interview process.


TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test

The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test is a valid assessment of English-language reading and listening skills for the workplace. Employers worldwide use the TOEIC® test to determine who can communicate effectively in English across borders and cultures with co-workers and clients.

Prove your English-language Proficiency

In the competitive global job market:

  • Listening skills are essential for effective face-to-face communication, meetings, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, podcasts and telephone conversations.
  • Reading skills are necessary for email, written reports, newsletters and other forms of business correspondence.

When you take the TOEIC Listening and Reading test together with the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests, your scores provide employers, organizations, colleges and universities with proof that you are proficient in all four language skills.

Advance your career

English is the language of global opportunity. For 30 years, the TOEIC Listening and Reading test has helped millions of people qualify for the best employment opportunities. Your TOEIC scores can help to:

  • Make you a stronger candidate for job opportunities with global organizations
  • Demonstrate your ability to communicate across borders and cultures with co-workers and clients
  • Positively affect hiring decisions and other employment opportunities
  • Help you obtain new opportunities within a company

Today nearly 14,000 organizations in 150 countries use the TOEIC test to determine which candidates have the English language skills to succeed in the global workplace. Over seven million tests were administered in 2013. Make sure your students have the skills they need to succeed with the TOEIC Listening and Reading test.

Test Content & Format

The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test is a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice assessment. There are two timed sections of 100 questions each. For more detailed information on test content, please see pages two and three of the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Examinee Handbook (PDF).

Section I: Listening
Test takers listen to a variety of questions and short conversations recorded in English, then answer questions based on what they have heard (100 items total).

  • Part 1: Photographs
  • Part 2: Question-Response
  • Part 3: Conversations
  • Part 4: Short Talks

Section II: Reading
Test takers read a variety of materials and respond at their own pace (100 items total).

  • Part 5: Incomplete Sentences
  • Part 6: Error Recognition or Text Completion
  • Part 7: Reading Comprehension

Test Length
The test takes approximately 2½ hours, with:

  • 45 minutes for Section I
  • 75 minutes for Section II
  • approximately 30 minutes to answer biographical questions

Sample Questions [Free]

 The TOEIC Bridge™ Test

The TOEIC Bridge™ test is the choice of more than 180,000 test takers a year and is recognized by hundreds of corporations. As a fair and objective measure of English proficiency for beginning to lower-intermediate level learners, the TOEIC Bridge test enables test takers to verify their current level of English-language proficiency, set their own goals and monitor their progress in learning English.

TOEIC Bridge™ Test Content

The TOEIC Bridge™ test is a paper-and-pencil test that measures a test taker’s ability to listen to and read everyday English. It is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions. The test itself takes 60 minutes to complete with an additional 30 minutes to complete a brief questionnaire about the test taker’s education and work history. (In total, the entire administration is planned to be an hour and a half, including the test length and the guidance before the test.)

Sample Questions

Sample questions and additional information about the TOEIC Bridge test can be found in the TOEIC Bridge™ Examinee Handbook (PDF) or in the TOEIC Bridge™ Sample Test (PDF).

The Two Main Test Sections

Listening Comprehension
Test takers will listen to recorded statements, questions, short conversations and short talks in English via audio cassette or CD and answer 50 questions based on what they hear. There are three parts:

  • Part 1: Photographs (15 questions)
  • Part 2: Question-Response (20 questions)
  • Part 3: Short Conversations and Short Talks (15 questions)

This section will take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Test takers will read single sentences as well as texts and then answer 50 questions based on what they read. There are two parts:

  • Part 4: Incomplete Sentences (30 questions)
  • Part 5: Reading Comprehension (20 questions)

This section will take approximately 35 minutes to complete.

Benefits of the TOEIC Bridge™ Test The TOEIC Bridge™ test features a multiple-choice format and is one-hour in length. It is beneficial for those who are beginning to intermediate English learners as the test examines comprehensive Listening and Reading skills and prepares individuals for the next level of English language learning.
Because the TOEIC Bridge test is so widely accepted as an accurate measure of proficiency in beginning to intermediate English, it can help you:

  • show instructors or employers you are ready for success at the next academic or workplace level
  • be placed at the appropriate level in a program
  • establish personal language-learning goals and monitor your progress
  • learn which areas you need improvement in


 TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests

English is the language of global opportunity. In the increasingly competitive global marketplace, employers need a workforce that can speak and write effectively across borders and cultures.
The TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests are valid assessments of English-language speaking and writing skills for business. In today’s global workplace:

  • Speaking skills are important for effective presentations, face-to-face communication, meetings, videoconferencing, teleconferencing and telephone conversations.
  • Writing skills are necessary for clear, persuasive email and other types of business correspondence.

Build a More Effective Workforce

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests offer a common standard of measurement for comparing the language skills of current and potential employees. They enable you to:

  • Recruit, train and promote the most qualified candidates
  • Save time and resources by knowing immediately who has the skills to communicate effectively in the international workplace
  • Hire and develop individuals who can interact effectively with colleagues and clients around the world

When the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are taken together with the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test, they provide a reliable measurement of all four English language communication skills.

Get a Global Advantage

Today nearly 14,000 organizations in 150 countries throughout the world use the TOEIC® tests each year to determine who has the English language skills to succeed in the global workplace. Give your business a global advantage and build a more effective workforce with the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests. The TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are delivered through the Internet and are available globally.
The TOEIC® tests assess language skills that are used in daily life and the workplace. Test takers speak and write in English and give their responses to real-world questions and scenarios. The tests use common everyday vocabulary, phrases and key expressions.

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