Empowering Soft Skills Training Courses to take you to the Next Level!

Training English For Specific Purposes

Training English For Specific Purposes

Aksent’s Soft Skills training Courses are exclusively designed for working professionals who are looking out for a straight-forward and a concrete approach training to develop their Personality skills. You might possess excellent technical knowledge and are potential enough to be better than your co-workers, but because of your poor interpersonal skills your career growth becomes very minimal.

 Course Includes:

  • Courseware with CD-ROM and Interactive Workbook Online access
  • NEW Video Footage and Audio support material of Native speakers
  • Interactive Workbook with practice exercises, samples, phrase bank and glossary
  • Business Expert Views , PPTs, Documentaries addressing key issues

 “A wide range of short and specialized business English programs for different work skills, industries and professions”

Course Approach and Outcomes

  • Fast and intensive courses can be completed in 20-30 Hours to make progress quickly.
  • Courses are delivered to intermediate to advanced level aspirants.
  • Courses allow you to express yourself better.
  • Additionally professionals are addressed on variables such as confidence building, fluency, phrasing, personality, body language, eye contact and humour for effective results.


Modules(Professionals can choose any of the following courses)

  • E-mail writing Course– This course equips with techniques to help you to communicate appropriately and effectively by e-mail
  • Successful Presentation Program – The course focuses on helping you to present effectively in English. Topics include how to talk clearly about visuals, how to summarize and other required skills to make you a successful presenter.
  • Negotiating Skills Training – This course helps you to train you on intercultural skills required for successful negotiation.
  • Effective Selling Skills – Exclusive course for sales professionals who require fluent business English to engage with domestic and international clients.
  • English for Human Resources – This course is highly suitable for HR managers, their staff and those employed in personnel department.
  • Telephoning and Socializing Skills – Learn strategies for communicating by telephone and get trained of building good relationships with international clients and colleagues.
  • English for Nursing – This course is designed to improve the communication skills and specialist English knowledge of healthcare professionals.
  • English for the Hotels and catering industry – This course offers a straightforward, practical approach to developing speaking and listening skills for the hotel and catering industry.


Course Level Duration Class Frequency
Pre-Intermediate 30 Hours Weekday/ Weekend
Intermediate 30 Hours Weekday/ Weekend
Upper Intermediate 20 Hours Weekday/ Weekend
Advanced 20 Hours Weekday/Weekend
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