Presentation Skill Training

Presentation Skill Training


training for presentation skill


“If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will” – Harvey

Aksent offers the best presentation skills training for working professionals and students. The course focuses on helping you to present effectively in English. The presentation skills training include how to talk clearly about visuals, how to summarize and other required skills to make you a successful presenter.

Presentation Skills Course offered by Aksent also includes exclusive real work-life situations to ensure you achieve success at workplace. The course is also delivered as workshops under chAmpiunZ programs regularly.

  • Know the right way to prepare, structure, deliver, conclude a presentation and handle audience’s questions.
  • Key Vocabularies and useful language expressions to know when presenting.
  • Overcome fear , improve your body language , avoid verbal and non-verbal mistakes.
  • Work with the trainer in Creating and delivering presentation /receive feedback.

 Workshop on “Effective Presentation & Public Speaking Skills” By R. Azhar Ahmed (Director-Training)



Preparation of Presentation - Dealing with Fear - Vocabulary FocusAnalysis
Presentation Structure – GuidingMini Presentation
Presentation Model – IntroductionGiving out an Introduction
Delivery – Emphasizing message / Body Language/ Visual Aids/ Charts/FiguresMessage delivery/ Public Speaking
Concluding – Vocabulary Focus – Recapping /Summarizing/ Handling QuestionsPrepare and Conclude- Presentation and Public Speaking
Effective Presentation- Reporting/Short events/ComparisonsPresent an Idea and Deliver

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