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Online English Course

Get English Training Courses From Where You Are!

Aksent is now offering the best online English training courses that give you the flexibility to study wherever and whenever you like. The training is delivered through video calling/ skype/ webex/ online learning portal sessions

Let English Follow Wherever You Are, Wherever You Go.
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The Space is Different, but the Methodology is the Same

Aksent has introduced highly innovative and unique mix of engaging online English training and assessments, accompanied by personalised feedback session, which allows the students to progress in a consistent manner.  

Aksent provides a communicative, student-centred approach that follows best practice for learning and practising English online.

Aksent’s Top Selling Online English Training Courses

Online Communicative Training

Communicative English

✓ Level:  Basic to Advanced
Duration: 20 / 30 / 50 Hours
Focus: English Fluency
Frequency: Weekend & Weekday
Group Training (2 Hrs/Session)
Fee: Starts from Rs. 4500/-

Online Grammar Training

Fix Your Grammar

✓ Level: Basic to Intermediate
Duration: 15/30 Hours (1 Month)
Focus: Grammar Concepts
Mode: Weekdays
Group Training (1 Hr/ Session)

Online Business English Training

Business English

✓ Level:  Inter to Advanced
Duration: 50 Hours
Focus: English Fluency
Frequency: 6 Weekends
Group Training (3 Hrs/Session)

Online Voice and Accent Training

Voice And Accent

✓  Level:  Inter to Advanced
Duration: 20 Hours
Focus: US Accent Training
Frequency: Weekday & Weekend
Group Training (1 Hr/Session)

Children Online English Training

English For Children

✓ Age: 10 to 15 Years
Duration: 20 Hours/Each Level
✓ Focus: General English
Mode: Weekdays
Group Training (1 Hr/ Session)

Online Email Writing Course

Email Writing Course

✓ Level:  Inter to Advanced
Duration: 10 Hours
Focus: Business Writings
Frequency: 4 Weekends
Group Training (1-2 Hr/Session)

Online One to One Training

One to One English Training

✓ Level: Basic to Advanced
Duration: Minimum 10 Hours
Focus: As per your need
Frequency: Flexible
Individual Training (1 Hr/Session)

Approach – Become an Expert 

Aksent has retained its unique interactive class format, with the same learning and teaching approach.

Live Class

Live Classes

Our classes take place in real-time, where students participate in the way they would in our classroom setting.

Interactive Sessions


Interactive Setting

Ask questions, take part in group discussions, use collaboration tools and chat in forums.

Audio - Video Visuals


Audio – Visual

The training is equipped with provoking videos and audios, followed by interactive exercises.



Continuous Improvement

All our Online English courses are targeted to assure incessant improvement in the communication skills of the student.

Best Online English Classes for Adults and Children

The world has changed, and digital learning and skills have never been more important. We totally understand that this is a whole new way of learning English for most. We are here to help you improve your English skills with our best Online English Courses that offers highly interactive with extra attention paid to students in the online setting.

Online Communicative English Course for Adults (30 – 90 Hours)

This course is designed to transform students into confident and expressive English speakers. It is suitable for aspirants who possess a solid understanding of English grammar but struggle to express their ideas clearly. Each session is focussed on various features of spoken English, including effective use of vocabulary, the mechanics of speaking, and conversation skills. Online Communicative English Courses are for all students from beginner to advanced levels.

Online Grammar Mastery Course (30 Hours)

One of the highest online grammar courses is Aksent’s Online Grammar Master Course. This course follows a communicative approach to help students learn the rules and functions of grammar. Students also bridge the gap between understanding English grammar theory and apply grammar correctly in speaking and writing. This Online Grammar Mastery course covers all the basic to upper intermediate level topics, along with the concepts explained with abundant examples to help you remember the grammar rules throughout your life.

Online Business English Course (10 – 60 Hours)

This course is exclusively suitable for intermediate to advanced level students who are trying to improve their English which will be essential in a modern workplace situation. Organizations with global aspirations and mandates have depended on a common language – Business English – so that global teams can communicate and collaborate as one. This Online Business English Course develops English skills for employment and practical business situations. Topics include Business Conversation skills, networking, socializing, and negotiating in a business setting, managing meetings, delivering presentation, as well as the ability to write effective emails, reports, and presentation materials.

Voice and Accent (American) (20 Hours)

Aksent’s American Accent course starts with the basics of English pronunciation, the objective of the course is to make you and practise what you learn. This Voice and Accent Course offers an opportunity for students to learn directly from American instructors and is practical which delivers highly actionable content and curricula. This course is open to children and adults who want to neutralize their accent and sound English like native speakers.

English for Children (7 to 15 years of age group) (10 – 60 Hours)

Aksent offers online English course for children which is exciting and rewarding. The course is built with interactive exercises and games that would make students’ learning enjoyable. The course is exclusively designed to improving children’s communication skills. Aksent ensures children to understand the nuances of English language and start communicating and writing English effectively for academic and personal success.

English for Corporate Organizations / Institutions

Aksent offers the quality, expertise and outcomes organizations / institutions expect, on platforms that are easy to use and deliver a fantastic learner experience. We offer fully bespoke English training solutions and develop training courses that are practical, engaging and really work. We use our original content if focus is on English language training, or we can help you develop your own content. As with all our training, the starting point is to understand your needs. We’ll work with you to decide what’s best.

One to One Online Training (5 to 20 Hours)

Get individual training from our highly qualified English instructors at a time that suits you – lessons are available according to your needs and convenient time. The topics that can be taught in your session include: Communicative English Grammar, Business English, Communicative English, US accent, and any international English exam preparatory courses.

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

Online Training

Benefits of Online English Training

✓ Flexible timings and days.
✓Multiple English Courses to choose.
✓ 100% Practical and result oriented courses.
✓ Option to cope with your missed lessons.
✓ Highly qualified and experienced trainers from India and the United States of America.
✓ Save time, avoid travel.
✓ Access your classes even through a mobile phone with a decent internet connection.
✓ Interactive Audio and Video lessons.
✓ Courses ranging from 5 to 120 hours duration.
✓ Authenticated training materials.
✓ Access to Recorded sessions for practising the concepts thoroughly.

Why Aksent can be the Right Choice to Learn and Practice English Online?

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Others Training Providers
Live and Interactive SessionsYesNo
Manual AssessmentsYesNo
Pre-Assessment Speaking/WritingYesNo
Restricted Batch SizeYesNo
International Curriculum ReferenceYesNo
Free Live Webinars AccessYesNo
Pay as you learn/ ModuleYesNo
Individual Attention during TrainingYesNo
Interaction with Trainer during TrainingYesNo
Practice based sessionsYesNo
Customized and Flexible SyllabusYesNo
Personalized and Individual FeedbackYesNo
Listening and Reading AssessmentsYesNo
Speaking and Writing AssessmentsYesNo
Course Swapping OptionYesNo
Off – Training Support (Chat and Call)YesNo
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