Best Grammar Training Courses not just to speak English as Learners, but as Professionals!.


Grammar and Vocabulary Training


Aksent’s the Best English Training Institute Grammar and Vocabulary courses are highly recommended for entry level learners, school students, aspirants preparing for international exams, and professionals who wanted to gain confidence in their writing and speaking skills. These courses are suitable for learners from Beginners to Advanced level.

Course Approach and Outcomes

  • Gives a practical approach to learning and practicing the words, phrases and lexical grammar to cope up with everyday situations.
  • The right balance of explanation and practice, and regular testing on grammar skills make these courses a wonderful learning experience for grammar learners.
  • Activities of these courses are contextualized to practice grammar in everyday situation.
  • Important grammar topics and vocabulary drills are practiced to stretch the English language skills.
  • Common errors in written and spoken English are averted through extensive practice sessions.


Course Includes

  • Courseware with Practice Based CD-ROM.
  • Speak naturally – record and playback function option.
  • 1000 Exercises to spot the errors in English and then correcting them.
  • Free Online practice tests for IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, PET, CAE, CPE exams.
  • Course Completion Certificate mapped with CEFR
  • Internationally valid certificate post completion of assessment.

Go through a part of our curriculum topics that are coveredunder your Grammar & Vocabulary Course.





Appearance and Attitude.

Describe people.

Character adjectives


Future Arrangement.

Will/Shall differences

Am/is/are + verb+ing.

Going to.

Routine Job.

Everyday English.

The place where you live.

The chores you do.



Closed questions.

Short answers.

Talking about Leisure and Entertainment.

Sport and leisure.

Competitive sport.

Books and films.

Permission and Offer.

Polite request.

Usage of May and Shall.


Judging by appearance.

How do I look?

Opinion about something.

Relative Clause.

Additional information on person, place, thing.

Are “wh” words only used for questions?

People Around.

Family and friends.




Link words.

Usage of Although and But.

For and since.

Weather and Climate.


Season adjectives.



Article with countable and uncountable noun.



Talking about your work.

Running a company.

Business and finance.

Adjectives and Adverbs.

Comparison (not)…as…

Adverbs of place, directions and sequence.



City life.

Life in the country.

Adverbs of Frequency.

Differentiate never/ ever/hardly ever.

Usages of normally/often/usually.

Connecting and Linking.

Time and sequence.

Additional and contrast.

Reason, purpose, result and condition.



Time and Date.


Health & Illness.

Everyday problem.

Illness in hot/tropical countries.


Too much or too many?


Suitable quantifiers for countable and uncountable nouns.


Emotions and feelings.

Anxiety, curiosity, anger, jealous, confused….


Possessive Adjective.

Possessive Pronouns.

Subject Pronoun & Object Pronoun.

Window shopping trend.

Shopping centres and street markets.

In a supermarket.


Conditional clauses.

Zero Conditional & First Conditional.

Second & third conditional.

Apologies, Excuses, Thanks.

Apologies with common replies.

Excuses and reasons.

Thanks and replies.

Infinitive and V+ing.

Verb + to infinitive.

Verb + ing form.

Like, start….

Remember, regret, try…..

Phrase Builders.

Fixed phrases in conversation.

Word partners.

Prepositional phrases.


Can, can’t, could, couldn’t.

Can/could I?  May I?

Should, need, ought to…


Technology and Communication.

Newspapers and television.

Phoning and texting.

Email and the internet.

Imperative sentences.

Sentences with & without “please”.

Sentences without subject.

Positive and negative sentences.

Agreeing and Disagreeing.

Tactful disagreement.

Offering opinions.

Agreeing the opinion of others.

Reported speech.

Reported speech: the tense change.

Reported questions, requests, offers and suggestions.



In the kitchen.

In the bedroom and bathroom.

In the living room.


Comparative and Superlative.

Adverbs of degree

Word order.

Quite and rather.

Hotels and Restaurants.

Facilities and rooms.

Going to a restaurant.

Ordering a meal.



Having something done.

To be done and being done.

Special Events.




Verbs with Preposition.

Prepositional verbs.

Phrasal verbs.

Travel long.

Air travel.

Sightseeing holidays.

Holidays by the sea.


Please note that these theme topics are picked out ones from different levels and are showcased for you to get a fair idea about the course. Every course level will have at least 20 Chapters

What our recent trainees have to say about the Course


Lakshmi              ★★★★★ 5/5

Hi every one, I am Lakshmi. I am an English Teacher but I found that I have to improve some skills in grammar/phrases section. For that I have chosen the Aksent training academy. I’m really happy that I have received what I needed.The trainer who takes classes is experienced. Thanks…

AshaLatha           ★★★★★ 5/5

I have got a well experienced and supportive trainer in Aksent. So I am improving well here. I would like to appreciate Aksent team for their wonderful efforts.

Gokila                   ★★★★★ 5/5

I had very good and interesting experience during my training. I learnt many things especially in grammar. I committed lots of mistakes in grammar when I was entering here. This is the place where I got confidence. They did not only teach language they taught many things that are important for carrier growth. I’m satisfied with my requirement!

Gurubaran         ★★★★★ 5/5

I CAN read very well after joining this academy. I CAN write English very confidently and I can understand some technical terms in English. Better Vocabulary practice makes me better language user. Everyday situation grammar is helping a lot.

Manikantan       ★★★★ 4/5

Wonderful training and satisfied at Aksent. If the course is for another few months I could be happier. Practice tests gave me more confident of knowing my grammar flaws

Ezhilarasan         ★★★★★ 5/5

I have learned to speak/write in English in a structured way. The best thing I like about the course is continuous practice and assessment regularly to give a strong foundation of grammar

Vidhya                  ★★★★★ 5/5

This is the right place to learn English. Trainers are friendlier here. Many activities are conducted to improve skills.

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