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Free Basic Grammar Courses

“It is Simple: Learn Grammar, Become Confident”

Aksent offers Free Basic Grammar Course that is highly suitable for Elementary learners, and for aspirants who aren’t sure about their English Grammar usage in their daily lives. The Course can also be taken as a bridge course before taking up Aksent’s advance courses such as Communicative English, Business English, chAmpiunZ workshops and so on. This Grammar Course covers all the basic grammar contents with live examples that are required to speak and write in English.



Framing Questions and Answers Give and Ask/Reply InformationGive and Ask/Reply Information
Simple Present Tense/ContinuousRegular Life/ Happening Now
Have forms/Adverbs of FrequencyPossessions and Arrangements
Countable and UncountableAny/Some/More/Much usage
Usage of ‘be’ forms Possessives
Simple Past Tense/Continuous Past life
Usage of Modals (can/should/may) Advice/Permissions/Abilities/Possibilities
Used to
Comparing/Changes – Lifestyle
Passive Forms/Perfect Forms Different Tenses – Review and Usage
Conditionals/Prepositions Future Possibilities
Relative Clauses/Articles Connectors/Discourse Markers in Sentences
Reported Speech Describing Actions and Reports
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