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Email Writing Course in Chennai

Course Description

If you are into professional living, the need of the hour is Business Communication. Aksent’s Business English course provides pick-up and use business skills which are equipped with intensive, practical and skill based curriculum. This Short, but effective Business English Communication course takes a practice-oriented approach to explaining the concept of business communication and they are structured as per today’s corporate need.

You should be aware that, your professional life requires you to be a successful communicator, and without knowing the nuances of business English expressions you can’t be.

Join this dynamic Business English course to convey your thoughts positively with your colleagues.

To whom will this Best Email Writing Course Suit?

  • Pre-Intermediate to Advanced English language learners
  • Everyone who writes emails
  • Especially those who write business emails
  • Definitely those who write emails at work
  • Even casual email writers can learn a lot from this course
  • If you’re an advanced English speaker, you can still learn about email structure, standard phrases, as well as some common mistakes that you are probably still making
  • University/ College Students

Pre- Course Writing Assessment

Whoever you are emailing to and whatever your challenges, our quick pre-course writing assessment will ensure you get exactly the help you need.

How are you assessed?

Before the training commences, we ask you to submit an example of your business writing, typically around 400 words. It could be a business email or letter, a section of a report or some copy you have written for the company website – whatever you typically write at work. This allows the course trainer to have a detailed understanding of your email-writing challenges – before you start your training.

What will be the outcome of the course?

You will
• Structure emails logically
• Know how to write better and respond quickly
Learn basic grammar and punctuations
• Avoid mistakes
• Follow good email etiquette
• Compose much more effective emails
• Learn most commonly used key email expressions
• Master the necessary email tone and most importantly,
• Learn how to write clear, professional emails that mean you can hit ‘send’ with confidence every time.

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