Cambridge Exams

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Cambridge Exams

Cambridge English exams are the best means of assessing the skills of the student in regards to English language. These exams have global recognition and are accepted by over 15,000 universities, government and employers around the globe. These exams open the door for the students to pursue higher education and improve chances of employment. By passing these exams students not only boost their chances of being selected but also enhance confidence on the public front.

Understanding the need of time and competition in the corporate and personal front, Aksent offers exam preparation trainings for Cambridge Exams. Our main motive is to educate the students to face the exams with ease and understanding and rate themselves high on the success chart. We train the students in all the possible aspects covered by the exams to improve their English skills and level of confidence as well.


DurationBatches / TimingsEligibilityTraining and Exam Fee
30 – 50 HoursCustomized Beginner to Advanced LearnersContact our Counsellor
KET - Key English Test

The KET qualification represents that the student has the capabilities to communicate in English in simple situations. The exam is the next step for YLE (Young learners) and also a great way to help the students enhance their knowledge in English.

The exam allows the student to pursue the next level English exam like PET (Cambridge English: Preliminary)

Aksent’s Exam Preparation Training:

  • Helps the student to understand and imply expressions and phrases.
  • Develop understanding of simple English.
  • Give them confidence while introducing themselves and answering questions on them.
  • Helps them to interact with English speakers at the basic levels.
PET - Preliminary English Test

The Preliminary exams are the proof that the student has mastered the basics in English. It also implies that the student has attained practical language skills to apply on daily basis. The exam is the step to reach the next level which is FCE (First Certificate in English) Cambridge English Exam.

Aksent’s Exam Preparation Training:

  • Assures that the student is able to read and understand simple articles and textbooks in English.
  • It helps the students to write Email and letter using proper language on everyday subjects.
  • Develops understanding of factual information.
  • Develops awareness about mood and opinion in written and spoken English.
FCE - First Certificate in English

The exam is meant to give the student the real courage and confidence to represent their skills in English in front of the world. The First Certificate in English (First in School) qualification presents that the student has acquired the skills they require to communicate in English while facing the society. The exam also allows the student to prepare for the next level which is Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

Aksent’s Exam Preparation Training:

  • Helps the student to communicate effectively and face people with confidence, while expressing their opinions.
  • Supports them in writing detailed and clear English, presenting their thoughts and also explaining the disadvantage and advantage of things and views.
  • Improve awareness and become more social
  • Gives them knowledge about writing reports, letters, stories and many other related texts.
CAE - Certificate in Advanced English

This high level qualification shows that the student has all the desired skills which the universities and employers require globally. While preparing for CAE (Cambridge English: Advance) the students are able to work on the skills required for studying, living and working in the English Speaking countries.

Aksent’s Exam Preparation Training:

  • Helps the student follow the academic course offered at University level.
  • Helps the student to communicate properly at the professional and managerial front.
  • Assures that the student is able to participate with confidence in the meetings and seminars.
  • Assure that the student is able to express opinions with high level of fluency in English.
CPE - Certificate in Proficiency of English

This is the highest level of qualification which justifies that the student is highly competent in speaking English. The exam is a proof that shows the student has mastered English at an extra-ordinary level. By qualifying the test it is proven that student has acquired the level of English which is needed to work and study in the senior academic and professional environment.

Aksent’s Exam Preparation Training:

  • Helps you with the study of the demanding subjects at the highest level which are inclusive of PhD and post graduate programs.
  • Supports in persuading and negotiating effectively at the management level while working for international business.
  • Helps you in understanding the main ideas behind complex writing works.
  • Talking on complex and sensitive issues and training the student to deal with confidence while answering difficult questions.

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