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If you are into professional living, the need of the hour is Business Communication. Aksent’s Business English course provides pick-up and use business skills which are equipped with intensive, practical and skill based curriculum. This Short, but effective Business English Communication course takes a practice-oriented approach to explaining the concept of business communication and they are structured as per today’s corporate need.

You should be aware that, your professional life requires you to be a successful communicator, and without knowing the nuances of business English expressions you can’t be. Join this dynamic Business English course to convey your thoughts positively with your colleagues.

About the Course Instructor

Dr. R. Azhar Ahmed

Training English is a delicate balance of skill, insight, planning and understanding. It requires patient, smart and experienced people to do it well. Simply put, Dr. Azhar loves teaching English. It is a massive thrill for him when every student succeeds. It is difficult to find someone who is more committed and passionate towards English training than Dr. Azhar

Dr. Azhar possesses 18+ years of experience as a teacher & writer. Dr. Azhar initiated Aksent in 2001 and has directed the venture grow to its current diverse. During his university studies he has been involved voluntarily with several organisations as an intern and this experience, along with his learning about subjects such as Economics, Public Administration, Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Psychology, and English gave him the crucial insight into the world of business and using English as a means of communication both with native and non-native speakers. He is a passionate promoter of Business English and structurally approaches to accent, pitch and modulation as a means to give trainees understand the nuances of English language. He is an internationally trained trainer offering individuals and groups with a wide variety of options ranging from practical training to mentoring options. He also serves as freelance editor to various corporate groups by developing copy writing supplies. His classes and seminars on Business Communication are always a mixture of Business English and Corporate Culture as he strongly believes that both go hand in hand for individuals in their workplace life.

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Course Approach and Outcomes

Inputs – Skills – Practice

✓ Business English Course at Aksent includes several training activities related to workplace with authenticated case study examples and practice to make you know the business language to the international level.

✓ Successful completion of this course will give you a strong foundation on Business English and make you get equipped with skills of

Email Writing




Business Grammar

Workplace Expressions


Batch Date & DaysTimingsDurationMode of TrainingFees
Saturday & Sunday10:30 AM to 1:30 PM50 Hours
CLASS ROOMRs.12000/-
Saturday & Sunday
10:30 AM to 1:30 PM80 HoursCLASS ROOMRs. 17000/-
Saturdays8:30 PM to 9:30 PMUnlimitedONLINEFREE

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I possess Business English skills?

In a world with ever-growing levels of globalization and interconnectivity, the importance of prompt and appropriate forms of Business English communication increases rapidly. Having business English as your personal skill will have a high impact on your career. The specialists of business English have the best written and oral communication and it glows on the skills required for the workplace.  An individual who has equipped with in-depth business English can be of great value to an employer, giving them a competitive edge when it comes to short listing for a promotion or seeking for a job.

  1. How can this Business English course improve my workplace communication?

This Business English course has been specially designed to make you to communicate effectively in your professional business contexts. It provides you to expand your English vocabulary and supports to improve your ability to write and speak in English in both social and corporate interactions. You will also learn the business terminology and skills that you can apply to business presentations, meetings, emails, through our practice oriented approaches.

  1. Who are the learners of this Business English course?

In order to meet the demands of modern employers, everyone from university graduates to senior managers must be able to use Business English for work. To fulfill this demand, Aksent offers business English training to professionals who are seeking important linguistics for business related functions. The learners of this Business English training course are spread across various industries, professions and skills.

  1. What is the course approach?

Our Business English course prepares for professional life and assists learners to compete in the world of business with English language proficiency and experience. The course methodology ensures a balance of activities and exercises. Both in-house and published materials are used, and trainers provide expert guidance and tools that participants can transfer easily to their everyday work.

  • Focus – All 4 language skills with core business concepts
  • Approach – Interesting Interactive discussions, Realistic Exercises, Group activities
  • Content – Case studies, technical and psychological live inputs from trainer
  • Trainer – Courses delivered by qualified, and well experienced trainers
  • Time – Weekends where business English seekers are mostly available
  1. What is the eligibility to join the Business English Course?

Anyone who is above 21 years old and who is interested to improve their workplace communication can join this course. However, a pre-assessment test will be conducted to check whether your English language proficiency allows you to take up the course.

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