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English for Corporates/ Institutions

Corporate Training at your campus / online

Community Training

Aksent has unparalleled expertise in delivering corporate English language training solutions. We offer the highest caliber language training specializing in practical business vocabulary, role play, and also ESP (English for Specific Purposes) for corporate. Offering Best English training for corporate, Aksent is committed to partnering with clients to deliver value-added training that brings tangible results. As organizations have evolved from international to multinational to truly global, the communicative skill needs have also changed. In order to communicate effectively in a multi-cultural business environment, it is important to be able to express one’s ideas with impact and appropriate style.

Professional Corporate Training - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu

Aksent’s Corporate Training Services

We know the Business Language

Aksent’s track record and our skills have much experience dealing with corporate, we know the business language, we know how people interconnect, network with the other business houses, and the way they manifest business. Our offerings include business colloquial terms and the way of using them in daily business life. Professionals in multinational companies lack expression using business terminology their understanding and expression are quite limited. So our focus is equipping professionals with the business language of value.

An investment that bags you money

Companies perceive investing in training as a wise move, where a skilled workforce needed to be professionally trained to understand modern business terminologies and practice. Studies show training reduces attrition and improves the general efficiency of individual workmanship. While training increases competency, it also raises individual confidence that reduces the stress component involved in achieving production deadlines with quality.

We help you to formulate your goal

We carry out our preliminary analysis by assessing your workforce and thereby submitting a report that clearly indicates their level of competency and where they lag behind, it also states who should be trained, which parts they should be given attention and the duration of training. The assessment we carry out is internationally formulated and recognized.

Clearly defined structured program

Our program is clearly structured and defined to focus on the needs of the corporate. It covers up all employees of an organization, the courseware suits to technical, non-technical, administrative, and support services of any business entity. We offer fully customized business English programs for client-specific attendees. We meet with you to ascertain the specific communicative goals and requirements of the organization.

Navigates the way to success

The program consists of frequent assessment tests on all parameters of listening, reading writing and, speaking, and those metrics are transparent and stress further inclination for learning and raising the bar. Our assessment pattern invokes a healthy and competitive mindset among the workforce that naturally yields positive results.

Guaranteed results

Training imparted would fetch you a bigger transformation with regard to the employees, a skilled workforce would witness a transformation of a competent skilled workforce which is vital for today’s progressive business environment. This change in the status quo could acquire your potential business.

Our Corporate training Approach

We create a goal-focused agenda with emphasis on the skill takeaways of the participants. Once the agenda is approved, the customized curriculum is developed utilizing proprietary materials, complemented by full case studies from leading business education institutions. Throughout this process, we work closely with you to receive feedback and integrate new requests into the program as required to ensure a significant return on training.

Why and for whom?

  • Whoever works in a corporate environment needs skills for internal communication and communicating with clients. There needs interpersonal skill to communicate with their own team, the skill of high priority – to follow or command or execute orders. When communicating with Global customers, many times there is a chance of being misunderstood or mistaken.


  • Many corporate employees fail the right way of communicating through email. People who work on projects, project coordinators, team leaders, and sales professionals, people who make calls, administrative professionals, human resource executives, operations, and process guys are eligible to take professional training from us.


  • People working in IT companies, BPO companies, Engineering, Manufacturing, Banking & Non-Banking, Investment, Share brokering, Insurance, Sales and Service companies require training. They are to be trained through Business, vocabulary, and grammar, pronunciation, spoken, and written skills. They should be trained to understand work-life, work-life balance, companies, product development, process, customer service, working together, security, breakdown, performance and decision making, etc.


  • Companies have started to think about the inevitable need for a workforce to be trained, circumstances pressure them to have a competent skilled workforce rather than a skilled workforce. A competent workforce ensures apparent quality in production despite quantity, their service is beneficial and revered. One can observe their overall mindset change reflects optimism and improves quality output.

Aksent has tie-up with numerous business partners. Few Organizations among them have been recently benefited through our various training and business consulting services.

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