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Best English Classes in Chennai

Classroom Aksent English Training Center - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu
100% Activity Based English Classes 

Best English Academy in Chennai 

Aksent offers the best Spoken English courses to assist your ability to communicate in English and taste success in your life. These courses focus on General and Functional English with a variety of situations both in and out of the workplace. The lessons which our course covers, not only help you to speak fluently but also ameliorate your self-confidence. Our spoken English courses are equipped with numerous practice sessions, which allow an analytical approach to vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, writing, and speaking skills.

Best Spoken English Course in Chennai 

Why Speaking Skills?

Out of all the skills in regards to any language, speaking is considered to be the toughest of all. Speaking skills in relation to English or any other language cannot be developed unless the student gets a significant chance to immerse into it completely. Most people are able to manage to listen, writing and read English, but when it comes to speaking, the task becomes quite challenging.

Best Communication Skills Training in Chennai

Here, Aksent comes to the picture to play a vital role in enhancing speaking skills. Our Communicative English programs are focused on improvising your English speaking and communication skills. The spoken English courses, which are meant to enhance the speaking skills are being developed actively and not just being practiced.

Aksent offers you flexible learning alternatives, from which you can, choose the one which suits you the best.

Best English Institute in Chennai

Looking for Online Courses?

Communicative English Course Module 

Public Speaking Skills Training 

Dr. Azhar Ahmed Aksent English Academy Classroom  Public Speaking Skills Training - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu

“A Successful Public Speaker is the one who is understandable, memorable and emotional”
Aksent offers the
best public speaking training module to assist your ability to communicate in English and taste success in your life. This Public Speaking course module ensures that you see the real transformation you think, feel, and speak as future public speakers. Whether you are looking to help your business colleagues or an individual course for your personal improvement, we render practical and professional public speaking training with energy and passion.  With professional speakers and trainers, our approach is practical and not lecture-based. Aksent’s Public Speaking module results in a sharp increase in your speaking and confidence

English Classes for Professionals

Grammar & Vocabulary Skills Training

Dr. Azhar Ahmed Classroom Grammar and Vocabulary Skills Training - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu

Aksent’s Grammar and Vocabulary module is highly recommended for entry level learners, school students, aspirants preparing for international and exams, and professionals who wanted to gain confidence in their writing and speaking skills. The training gives a practical approach to learning and practicing the words, phrases, and lexical grammar to cope up with everyday situations.  The entry-level right balance of explanation and practice, and regular testing on grammar skills make a wonderful learning experience for grammar learners. Activities of these courses are contextualized to practice grammar in an everyday situation. Common errors in written and spoken English are averted through extensive practice sessions.

Group Discussions, Role-Plays, and Debates

Classroom English Training for Group Disussions, Role-plays, and Debates - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu

Aksent’s Communicative English course is meant to enhance your English skills and we assure that you do not just practice the skills but develop actively with the best interactive sessions. Aksent’s advanced English classes serve highly innovative and unique varied modules of group discussions and practices accompanied by continual support activities that make trainees progress in a consistent manner. 

Spoken English Training in Chennai 

Presentation Skills Training

Classroom English Training class for Presentation Skills Training - Aksent Chennai Tamil Nadu

“If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will” - Harvey
Aksent offers the
best presentation skills training module for working professionals and students. The course focuses on helping you to present effectively in English. The presentation skills training includes how to talk clearly about visuals, how to summarize, and other required skills to make you a successful presenter. Presentation Skills Course offered by Aksent also includes exclusive real work-life situations to ensure you achieve success at the workplace. The course is also delivered through an online module.

Classroom Training Batch Schedules

 Weekends: Saturdays and Sundays 07:30 A.M. to 09:30 A.M. (IST) 

Batch Date

20th August


05 seats


₹ 15000/-


₹ 12000/-

Course Methodology and Features
  • Manual assessment and feedback sessions by the trainer.

  • The Communicative English course helps the student to cover all the major aspects of communication skills, through vigorous training approaches.

  • The interactive class sessions with engaging topics make learning fun and give each student an equal chance to speak and represent on stage.

  • The course covers an ample range of public speaking, group discussion, debates, roleplay, and many other motivating sessions.

  • Maximum opportunities to stage the communication skills on a wide variety of topics are offered to the student to work on the confidence and fluency while speaking English.

  • Common errors while speaking or writing in English are worked upon, with substantial practice sessions.

Know your Course Instructor - Dr. Azhar Ahmed

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Expert English teacher Dr. Azhar Ahmed has been teaching students from all over the world for 15+ years in various Institutions and Corporate Communities. He has helped students from all over the world achieve success with their English, helping people get better jobs with their English or adapt to living in a new country. Training English is a delicate balance of skill, insight, planning, and understanding. It requires patient, smart, and experienced people to do it well. Simply put, Dr. Azhar loves teaching English. It is a massive thrill for him when every student succeeds. During his university studies he has been involved voluntarily with several organizations as an intern and this experience, along with his learning about subjects such as Economics, Public Administration, Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Psychology, and English gave him crucial insight into the world of personality skills and using English as a means of communication both with native and non-native speakers. He is a passionate promoter of English and structurally approaches accent, pitch, and modulation to give trainees an understanding of the nuances of the English language. He is an internationally trained trainer offering individuals and groups a wide variety of options ranging from practical training to mentoring options. He also serves as a freelance editor to various corporate groups by developing copywriting supplies. His sessions and seminars on Communication are always a mixture of General English and corporate culture. He strongly believes that both go hand in hand for individuals in their lives.

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