Write E-mails the Right Way

Write E-mails the Right Way…

Business communication is more about e-mails. Writing an e-mail well for business is important if you want your business relationships to last. We all know that there are many of the skills required during conversation, and do you know that these skills can also be applied to written communication?Let me share precise information about Formality level while writing an e-mail.

Write E-mails the Right Way


Correct level of formality while writing an e-mail is vital

Relationships – If you haven’t met the recipient, or your previous meetings have been in only formal, business settings, it is wise to be formal in e-mails. If you have built a good rapport with the recipient you can be more informal, but ensure to keep your communication focused.

Objective–Sometimes e-mails can quickly move back and forth between parties. It is very important that you measure the tone of each mail carefully. Let’s take this situation as example; if you are following up a transaction to check whether your client is happy with your services, you shouldn’t be as formal as you are communicating with someone for the first time.

If your recipient writes in an informal style, while you remain rigidly formal, there is an opportunity that you may miss to encourage a cooperative relationship. Equally, being very informal in some circumstances can also make the other party think you are disrespectful.

Azhar Ahmed (Director-Training)


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