Why Working Professionals Don’t Write Good E-mails?

Why Working Professionals Don’t Write Good E-mails?

E-mails have become part and parcel of our daily lives. Not a day goes by where we do not send or receive an e-mail. As a working professional, it cannot be stressed further that e-mails are the backbone of effective communication. Most instructions, updates and day to day workings are conveyed through e-mails.

But this fact is often underestimated or not paid attention to, and this is mainly because of the way English has been taught to us from our school days.We are not trained to write e-mails or taught the etiquette required for it in our school days. There are many nuances that go into writing an e-mail and these are fundamentally different from writing a letter.

Another thing that we have not been trained is how to make best use of the technology at our hand. There are options like spell check and thesaurus that people are not aware of and hardly use while drafting e-mails.

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Once we are in a corporate setup, the race is on and promotions are up for grabs and here sometimes people tend to forget the most important thing – Self improvement. Hence we overlook important things such as following good e-mail etiquette. They don’t have the time to invest in improving their skills. However, they don’t realize that without these skills you can only get to a certain point, beyond that these skills are the main requisites.

There are companies that also does not pay much attention to these etiquettes and are informal in their communication, this further reduces the chance for one to learn to write effectively.

It is best advised to take up a course for learning to write e-mails with proper etiquette as in this fast paced world, there is absolutely no time for us to learn by trial and error. And hence it is advisable to take up courses with experts who can guide you effectively and get you upto speed with these etiquettes quickly and in an efficient manner.

At Aksent, you get to learn the nuances of e-mail writing and get the ability to draft top class emails. You can learn on the various tips and tricks associated with e-mail writing along with a detailed study on e-mail writing. Contact us today and let your e-mails do all the talking.

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