Why Technical Knowledge Alone Doesn’t Make You An Effctive Team Player?



Why Technical Knowledge Alone Doesn’t Make You An Effctive Team Player?

In this competitive world, where each one wishes to see themselves at the top, only your knowledge would not lead your way to a successful future. Books are read by all, understood by few and guided by just the experts. To use your technical knowledge to lead the team or the organisation it is very important to communicate your understanding about the topic. Not only this but also you need to make people agree that whatever you are saying is correct in all regards.

If you are not able to impress people with your confidence and not just by your knowledge, be sure that no one will ever take your words seriously. To become an effective team player and to rule with elegance there are a few smart tips which one needs to follow. Here I have tried to put down the most influential ones of all.

Why Technical Knowledge Alone Doesn’t Make You An Effctive Team1

Power of Communication: A dumb player in the team can never contribute his part wisely and cannot prove his worth either. To be an active part of the team you need to communicate. You have to express your opinions with highly organised and researched proofs. Each word that you speak should come out confidently from your mouth to leave an impact that you are sure about whatever you are expressing.

Having Command over English: These days as English has become one of the most common sources of communication in International market, you have to be affluent with the language to state your point in front of international clients. Communicating in a foreign language requires a lot of training and practice and so you have to dedicate yourself to learn to speak properly. There are number of English communication training courses available on both online platforms and in form of traditional classrooms. If you are looking for best spoken English classes in Chennai then I would recommend you to join Aksent Institute.

Why Technical Knowledge Alone Doesn’t Make You An Effctive Team2

Stay Updated: To lead an effective communication you not only need technical knowledge but you also have to stay updated with the changes in Market. Your general knowledge defines your attitude towards the topic and your work. So, try and have access to business magazines, blogs and website. Also read newspapers daily to know about the latest feeds in the Market. This not only helps you contribute while between a professional discussion but also be a part of customary talks with your colleagues, to build a strong bond with your team mates.

Make time for Humour: Book pest and workaholic are liked by a very few but people who balance work with fun are every ones favourite. People listen and follow those who make them feel joyous and enthusiastic even during hard times. To be an effective team player try to be humorous. Make people feel involved, happy and help them relieve tension.

These are just a few of the most effective tips to lead your team on the glorious path of success. Your attitude defines the rest of them. So stay positive and lead your way with credence.


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