Why It Is Important To Get Trained With English Courses Mapped With CEFR?

Why It Is Important To Get Trained With English Courses Mapped With CEFR?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: teaching, learning and assessment, commonly known as CEFR was developed by Council of Europe. It is meant to provide a common ground for the elaboration of the syllabus for languages, provide curriculum guidelines, textbooks, examination etc throughout Europe. CEFR was promoted primarily as a tool for planning which aimed to promote coherence and transparency in education.

CEFR had been specifically used by the policy makers to lay minimum language requirements with wide range of purposes. CEFR is also used for planning curriculum and related context. It is a great support system for those who are involved in teaching, learning and assessing English as a language. It suggests methods for promoting fruitful learning of the language and promoting confidence in the students.


Though there are countless benefits of mapping CEFR with English training but a few of the most important one are as follow:

  • It helps in assessing a useful and meaningful point of reference which could be understood globally and also helps in informing the decisions of trainers on the measurement of English skills and knowledge.
  • CEFR helps in providing detailed description of teaching, learning and also assessing English as a language. It also defines the way in which the learners can compare themselves based on set of competencies and the way they can carry out the communicative task.
  • With complete guidance offered by CEFR learners and teachers are able to move towards specific levels and also the defined goals for those levels.
  • The teaching material which is referred by CEFR is the first choice of the trainers. It suggests the most comprehensive and adoptable curriculum to promote English learning.
  • The levels defined in CEFR provide the indication of the performance and also defines the ability of the students to function in regards to communicative context in relation to English language.
  • CEFR does not specify any requirements which one needs to fulfil. It is totally a framework of reference. It lies totally with the trainer and learner to define a course which is meant for language development. CEFR does not interfere in the mode of selection and execution.

Adopting CEFR while promoting English learning will assure that the students can assess their skills on the immediate basis and can improve upon each of their loopholes to reach the heights to perfection.




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