When you find your English needs to be brushed up

When you find your English needs to be brushed up

 It’s not a bit of exaggeration if we say English is everyday language of people beginning from morning till you go to sleep. It’s hurtful and anxious when you find out your language proves to be incompetent or it lags behind to the expectation of the competitive world. Even a person with fluent language skills when receiving a call from his colleague if he finds himself not proportional to his colleague’s skills gets agonized and gets de-motivated.  It is true that your language fades little when you are tired or when you are low, hence It is better to keep patience, hold on your breath not getting tensed. You need to understand that frequent practice gives you the confidence to articulate, to speak with ease & effortless

When you find your English needs to be brushed up

Evaluate your skill

I have heard people often say they are worried about their English.  When you are unhappy at your English, what you ought to do is check your English level. Read a piece of news from a daily paper, find out whether you understand, how many words you have come across are new to you ? How many phrases in the sentences are of new to you? What is your level of understanding? Try hearing English news or a podcast, how much you understand? Put yourself to task. Try writing a page on a general topic which you know most, analyze and find out how much you can reproduce it in the paper. We always have friends who help us at hard times. You pick a friend who knows good English, talk to him and get the feedback. Aksent is here to help you out, we provide you with a self evaluation test page in our website, spend some free time to evaluate yourself.

Time to decide

Better late than never, Languages can be learn even in old age, when you keep on learning new, it rejuvenates your brain and give you energy and retain youthfulness. The most often pronounced quote says when you stop learning it indicates you have become old. Learning English is more than that you experience in your whole life. When you are likely to move ahead learning English, it’s the correct time to take the right decision  the best way is to find a trainer who trains you in Good English. Aksent trainers are experts in training people of varied capacity. They train, make you to correct your mistakes, enhance your speaking skills and boost your confidence level.

Azhar Ahmed (Director-Training)

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