What Kind Of Books Should I Read To Improve My English?

What Kind Of Books Should I Read To Improve My English

Reading is a great way to enlighten your mind and also help you learn new languages including English. It may seem to be a slow process but is more effective than any other process which you may use to speak fluent English.

Adopting English books in order to learn and to reach the level of perfection in spoken English is a much faster process these days. You do not have to visit libraries or book stores again and again to get books, all you need to do is search for them online and you can get an access to these exciting journeys on your tabs, laptops and mobile phones.

Reading English novel will help you improve your vocabulary and also enhance the understanding of the language. With the help of good English books and novels you get to learn about the culture of other nations and also improve your process of reading. Even watching English movies is a fun way of learning English, but you need subtitle all the time. But while reading you can read slow as per your convenience and understand the things looking into the paragraphs again and again.

Books Reading

Novels are the best books which one must start reading to work upon their English at the initial level as they are fun and engaging. I have listed a few simple books for the bingers, which are fun and quite simple to grasp as well.

Charlotte’s web by E.B. White:  This is a simple and lovely novel which is meant for all age groups. The book is mostly aimed to Native children but the reviews states it is being loved by everyone in all the part of the world.

The Outsider by S.E Hinton: The novel is mostly meant for EFL learners. The book is based on modern theme and addresses some typical teenage issues which people from around the world have experienced. There are a few natural notes which are the part of the book to make sure you do not need any background information.

The House of Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros: The book had been defined from the view point of the writer. You can sense the feelings of the main character or the protagonist. The sentences are simple, short and easy to understand as well. The best thing about the book is that it gives deep understanding of different cultures.

Thirteen Reason Why by Jay Asher: The story has taken place in present and thus there is simple use of grammar. The sentences are short and easy vocabulary had been put to use. The book had won critical acclaim and awards and thus is worth a reading. The background of the book deals with some heavy issues.

Peter Pan by J.M Barrie: Almost all of us are aware of the character and his story. The book is finely crafted and simple English had been used to add to the convenience of the reader. Being familiar with the plot makes the book even more engaging and simple to read and grasp. The book is for children but is enjoyed by adults around the world.

Reading had been the most wonderful way to ensure great vocabulary and fluency in language. It improves your understanding ability as well. Books not only refresh but also open the gates to imagination.

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