What is Good Communication?

What is Good Communication?

Most of the leaders are wonderful communicators, they pretty well know the power of good communication, and they know how to capitalize on their oration capacity. They could change even their odds to a positive output. Their communication carves them to be an ideal personality in the political world, attracts public and even inspires a commoner to follow the footsteps of a personality.
Nowadays, young graduates often discuss of good communication. Indeed, to be bestowed with good communication is a boon; very few have the ability of communicating effectively. To master the art of good communication, one has to be very expressive, talkative, without caring of getting offended, fearless of doing mistakes he has to convey what he has in mind. However, in a corporate environment or in an education academy we find people are less expressive due to constraints.
Good Communication
Our education system plays a vital role in shaping a person’s personality that affects communication too. Our schools and colleges teach pupils discipline, discipline to respect elders, restricting them to comment or communicate of what is in their mind.
To communicate effectively one has to be trained to speak what he thinks. Expressing ideas, plans, tastes, aesthetics, love, hate, trust are essential for a person to lead a happy life. Good communication nurtures friendly environment, good communication renders happiness, good communication thrusts foes to become friends.
Though communication is categorized as verbal and non-verbal both are inseparable, a good communicator is a very good artist of using a combination of verbal & non-verbal tools. Lack of using verbal & non-verbal tools contribute to poor communication. When one needs to succeed in life to do wonders, he has to master the art of communication. Communication plays a decisive role in a competitive world.
Communication owes to one’s personality; I enjoy a handful of friends of mine who would talk continuously for hours from primitive era to latest space exploration however, they are quite aware of not invading my privacy.
A good communicator knows the rules, untold rules, rules of nature, rules of a civilized community, where one respect other’s space. However, invading one’s personal space is a perfect right of our spouse & children, they enjoy the liberty of getting into our space and we allow them with great contend even though we feel slight discomfort.
Good communication reflects a peaceful society, evokes harmony in disparity, and develops social consciousness and humanity.

Karthik Swaminathan

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