Ways to know it is Time for a New Job

Ways to know it is Time for a New Job

It is a difficult decision, whether to continue or leave the job. As, it is quiet cosy at this situation, there are numerous reasons not to leave the job, even when you do not want to stay.

For most of us adjusting with the new employer and job is a risk and so to avoid the hassles we decide to stay. But trust me when you aren’t happy with the job it is going to cost you. So, how to decide whether it is the right time to leave the job or not? Often our conscious has answered as already, we just need to figure the correct way out.

Still if you cannot determine, then these points which I have listed down may support your decision.

When you feel there is no-where to go: As an employee our first priority is opportunities which help us advance. So if in case you are working at the same company for more than three years and your career is not heading anywhere, then take a chance and switch the job. The saturation in the present job will not lead to anything more than depression.

Ways to know it is Time for a New Job

You are not getting Feedback: Feedback is defined to be a powerful tool. It assures learning and development at all the levels. But if you see that you had not been given any feedback about the work that you have done for the company ever since the starting of your job that simply means your superiors do not like performance appraisals. They only prefer to convey in the case something is wrong. Your job is not going to do any good to you and it is the time to take a move.

There is no new hiring in the company: While working with a company you may encounter that during the stage of expansions, instead of hiring new people they pile your desk and expect you to perform multiple tasks. Your colleagues have left the job and still there had been no replacement found for them. When you see more people leaving the work place, rather than joining then give it a serious thought. It may be the time for updating your resume and to look for a new job.

You are losing your connection with your work: Except all the other signs which specify that the company is not meant for you, you feel in your gut as well that it is the time to give up. You are aware of your work environment more than anybody else and no one else know you better than yourself. So, just trust your gut instincts, they are there just to warn you about the future and failures waiting for you, if you do not take the right step at the right time.

Time would not wait for your, neither would the opportunities, so better to leave before you rot.


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