Tips on How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Tips on How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Most of us always wonder on how to improve presentation skills. What can we do better or what should we NOT do to improve our presentation skills?

There are people who have effective presentation skills and take to presentations like fish to water, and there are the rest of us who figure out a path on how to improve presentation skills by putting in effort and learning the tricks of the trade.
How to develop presentation skills? Here are some effective presentation skill tips.

1. Practice

Most people underestimate the usefulness of practice, it’s considered a waste of time by some. However, practice is the core ingredient for your recipe to improve presentation skills. It’s important that you practice your entire presentation at least 5 times before you present it. If you’re able to get an audience for your practice runs, it would improve the quality of your presentation as they will give you feedback.

2. Understanding your content

You need to make sure that you know what you’re talking about and that is the second critical aspect to improve your presentation skills. You shouldn’t cram up your content and go and present it. Make sure that you understand it completely.

3. Design and Content

Apart from the presenter the next obvious thing that people will pay attention to are your slides. Ensure that you’re following a uniform template, that your slides have minimal texts and are more image or video oriented.

4. Make your presentation interactive

Our attention spans are getting reduced day-by-day, and so it’s important that we keep it occupied. Ensure that you’re asking your audience a few questions here and there and keeping them on their toes.

5. Give it a light-hearted touch

Most of than not, even if the session is interactive, people still don’t feel a connect with the presenter or the presentation and this is where keeping it light matters. Start your presentation with a joke, give funny examples to explain your points, or have a friendly banter with the audience. People immediately connect with you when you make them laugh.

Presentation Skills Improving

6. Body language

Body language is critical, and your personality is easily judged by not only the way you speak but also by your body language. Practice talking in front of a mirror, gesturing with your hands while talking and trying different tones. Your posture while standing should be upright, as stooped shoulders convey low confidence.

7. Learning

Watching videos of presentations, attending seminars or real-life presentations is another way to improve your presentation skills. Take note of the good things that the presenter is doing and see how you can bring that into your presentation.

The most important thing in improving your presentations skills is your confidence or belief. You need to believe in yourself and the topic you’re presenting. Always remember, that it’s almost impossible to please everyone in your audience, but if one person has learned something or is inspired by you, that’s your victory. There are presentation skills training courses or presentation skills workshop that you can attend to get profession guidance.

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