Tips for Making Small Talks with VIP

Tips for Making Small Talks with VIP

The main aspect of striking the conversation is not in your charming looks all the time. The thing which makes the difference is the topic of conversation. You need to have something influential and important to talk, in order to get the kind attention of people. Winning the ears of audience is one simple thing, but it requires a lot of skills to win the ears of bigwigs.

It is very necessary for you to understand the importance of any conversation and make the most out of it. I believe a successful career comes from successful sips of coffee. Here I have tried to list down a few simple tips to make smart conversations with VIPs and win their attention with ease.

Tips for Making Small Talks with VIP1

  1. Understand what is required to be discussed: It is necessary to be aware of each and every word which you use during the conversation. People at high positions cannot afford to waste time on lame talks. So, before you plan any conversation with such people prepare yourself to sound significant.
  2. Work on facts and figures: You will lose your impression the time you speak anything illogical or without the knowledge of the facts. The lack of preparation can do a lot of harm and you will sound like a layman standing amongst smart crowd. So it is important to have your facts in place.
  3. Be confident: Think as many times as possible before your open your mouth while in front of your boss. Just remember there are number of them who do not even have to guts to speak their mind and at least you are not amongst those. Be confident, rest your mind at peace and stay relaxed.
  4. Better to construct than to criticise: Constructive criticism is good but have certain sense to present criticism in a creative way. If in any case you give an impression that you are there to insult or complain, your image will be ruined. When it comes to placing an opinion while in professional circle, it requires great deal of tact.
  5. Do you disturb their personal space: Most of you do not have much of the experience to deal with VIPs, so just remember they prefer maintaining space. Often out of excitement, when we encounter the opportunity to communicate with these bigwigs we forget they need their space and that we are expected to respect it.

Well, having a conversation is not a science. I felt nervous when I had my first such experience and so I flunked. With time I learned and so will you. Just believe in yourself and take a confident move. Remember they are human who have climbed the some stairs which you are climbing right now, so treat them the way you want to be treated when you reach their position. Smart people also make mistakes just that they learn from them.

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