Social sites are a boon or bane for English learners?

Social sites are a boon or bane for English learners?

In this scientific era, everyday companies launch new electronic products which are more advanced that gives us opportunity to surf through the internet. It is not a bit of exaggeration if we say the world has shrunk and has fitted into our palms. Today’s scientific innovations are a dream few decades ago, anyone wouldn’t ever have thought of this much of advancement in our day to day life.

Social sites connect people to one another all over the world, in this phenomenon people interact with one another, convey their well-being, cherish the moment, share their ideas, mostly English is used as a medium of communication rather the regional language. This internet era has given new vocabulary to English encyclopedia, words like internet, browsing, browser, search engine, upload, download are more common now.

To the effect of using English as a language medium, people have invented lot of short words for long sentences, LOL, BRB etc. where one needs to find a separate dictionary to identify the meanings for the vocabulary. They find more easy to chat fast, using these chat vocabulary they feel they could communicate more rapidly in this fast paced internet world.

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Scientific innovations and advent of internet has proven new chat vocabulary is so natural that evolved from using English as a medium. English enthusiasts and puritans of English society would find this as a drastic development and would term it as a new age war waged on English by non-English speakers.

However, we need to understand English is a mother tongue of a sect of people whom we call us British, or by the word English, they have a culture, like any other language speaking people they too would feel their language is misused and spoiled by the people of other languages in the name of scientific revolution.

People from different countries migrate all over the world for education, work and get settled there, for them social media is a boon, they connect with their family and friends frequently, they even mix up to form a new generation, they marry & settle there. New era – migration and composite culture has become more common now, due to that language acquisition has taken center stage. Migrants from Spain, Portugal, Africa & Asia to US has formed a community of new culture and they all integrate to form the sovereign state.

Language learners have to adapt to the new era of social networks, language is not only a communication tool, beyond that it represents culture, culture of a sect of people, culture and integrity representing sovereign states. All these years the number of English speakers has grown, they are doubled, in coming years it may grow three folds and indeed English would become a compulsory language rather than a necessity.

Karthik Swaminathan

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