Should I Speak More or Less At Workplace?

Should I speak more or less at workplace?

It is very necessary to have transparent communication when it comes to workplace. Mostly, it is seen employees find it difficult to express themselves and their opinions. It is not expected from any employee to remain dumb or speechless, but there are ways of putting up the opinion to make sure it is communicated in an influential way. The way you speak at workplace defines the experience that you have and also ascertains your position in the team. You voice is what defines the value that you bring to the organisation. Your identity may be misrepresented if you are not able to express yourself confidently. This doesn’t mean you should keep on blabbering or bitching around but it simply means you need to speak when you are expected to.

It had been noticed these days most of the people prefer keeping quite as they find it the best way to escape the situation. But the fact is, if you do not speak for your own rights and do not put your point of view, people will define you to be uninterested and will try to play politics with you, as you are the easiest of all the targets.

Should I speak More or Less in Office1

Thus to keep this simple, following are the main reason one should speak sufficiently enough at the workplace:

1. Organisational Performance: Your performance at work goes unnoticed if you go unheard. Speaking up helps in fuelling decisions, improve group thinking and ideation. It is required to discuss and speak to assure input and feedback and also to invite perspective.

2. Earn Respect: When you are able to voice your opinion consistently, you have a tone for yourself. You start earning respect from those who are not able to speak for themselves. Therefore, just manage your words, rather than speaking less, to create voice. Do not speak inappropriate or else you will lose support.

3. Strengthen the Influence: Your voice at the workplace defines your significance as well. Most of the time it is seen that one who has strong voice leads the meeting and projects as well. So to assure better career opportunities it is suggested to speak relevant.

4. Solidify the Brand: You can be assured that you are a consistent voice at your workplace, when you have solidified your brand. If one is deliberate about how they enjoy expressing their opinion while at work, people will definitely notice them and also believe in the predictability of their voice. The person will be trusted by everyone and thus their value will increase as well.

Thus, to assure progress and popularity at workplace, you are not required to speak less, rather you are expected to express through words, but they should be meaningful and authoritative.

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