Question To Be Asked Before Choosing a Career

Question To Be Asked Before Choosing a Career

When your years to education are at the decisive stage and it is the time to build the roof for yourself. None of the advices work and you feel paralysed. In-fact we feel depressed, and this is the case with most of us. Even I went through the same kind of feelings when it was my time to decide the career. The process may require a lot of self-reflection, exploration and most important willingness to pursue the goal.

Whether you are a fresher for have years of experience, it is always important to understand and undertake the process. So, while you are at this stage it is always better to ask yourself these questions, trust me they work a great deal. At least they supported me a lot when it was my time.

What are my strengths?

Having the knowledge of what are you good at, may seem to be a simple affair, but truly it isn’t a cake walk. So, to find out your strength it is always better to break the question into a few parts:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What are the skills which others people have identified in me?
  • What are the tasks I can perform with ease?
What are the locations I am comfortable living in?

This is not as superficial as it may sound. Many times it happens that you stick to your chosen career just for a while and then take a move to the place where there are better job opportunities. For a few jobs like designing, freelancing writing or any other jobs which may be done over internet it doesn’t make a difference whether you work from Miami or Las Vegas. But if you have some specific choice of work, then it is better to find of the places which offer you jobs in those fields and they try to analyse will you be able to survive in the location.

Question To Be Asked Before Choosing a Career1

How much control do I wish to have over my own watch?

Some of the people enjoy working in corporate industries while other may find it annoying. For the one who can adjust it is just a question which they may ignore as well, but for the later it is really important to examine the career with the questions like:

  •      How much time will I have to travel?
  •      How much time will I be spending in meeting and handling teamwork?
  •     Will they offer me work from home option?
  •     Can I get vacations at my demand?

If the answer to be questions to do fit in your requirements it is better to reconsider the career. Well, while I was choosing finance as my career, I knew I would not be able to survive in that industry where people work for 18 hours a day and so I decided to make a move and switched to contemporary writing, a field I am passionate about.

What are my monetary requirements?

Consider the importance of money in your life. Each one of us has some monetary desires and it is important to ascertain the limits to the same. Consider the importance of the following to you:

  • You own house
  • Retirement plans
  • Number of vacations each year
  • Ability to buy all your dreams

The idea here is not be pick a job title but to understand the life style. Though even this will remain flexible all your life and will grow more as you become older and progress in your career. To keep a check it is better to define short term monetary goals of like 5 years and they find out if your chosen career can fulfil them all.

Your career above all is about balancing you needs with you passion and talent. So have a smart check on all of these before you put your years to stake.

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