Newspaper Reading improves English

Newspaper Reading improves English, but HOW?

You must have come across many people who would have advised you to read English newspapers, listen to native speakers, attend a training program, and so on to improve your English skills. But some of the questions that linger in our minds are

  • what to read in a newspaper?
  • how to remember vocabulary that we come across while reading ?
  • how long should we listen & what to listen?
  • which training model would suit you? And the list goes on….. Ok let me tell you a tip to improve your speaking skills!


Take an article from a newspaper; if you are a starter then an article with not more than 250 words would do….

The article about an incident or a happened action should be the better choice in my opinion. Firstly, read the article and pick out words which you are unfamiliar. Find the meaning and then try to correlate the words to your daily life. For example a sentence picked from an article. “Refugees clamber onto the buses that caused riots” the words that I am unfamiliar are refugees, clamber, and riots. Now I should find the meaning of the words and correlate them to my daily life by making at least three to five sentences like

There are lot of Sri Lankan refugees in my city.

The refugees are not allowed to get the national identity card.

When and how did the refugees come to our city? (Should do the same for clamber and riots)

By this way there is a very less chance of forgetting learnt vocabularies. After you frame sentences with the unfamiliar words, now it’s your turn to keep the article away and rephrase the article in your words with vocabularies that you remember. After rephrasing it, speak yourself about the article without seeing the written one. It would be wonderful if you record it too, so that you can check how well you have used the vocabularies and sentences.

Compare the vocabularies and phrases you have used by keeping the article beside. You must find some of the better phrases in the article that are used to express than your written script, now pick out the phrases, and correlate with your daily life again. Speak yourself using the expressions which you wanted to use. (Never forget to record though). Repeat again and again until you find satisfied in speaking the same article.

This would really help you to develop reading, understanding, writing and speaking skills. It may consume more time initially. However, the improvement is sure.

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Azhar Ahmed (Director-Training)

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