My Small Presentation Gift

My Small Presentation Gift

Being a trainer, I do a lot of presentations and I feel giving a presentation can be really tough to those who do not possess natural eloquence. However, there are several small things you can do to make your presentations talk big. For Example, Successful Presenters’ first and foremost tip is to PRACTICE. If you have a question to me whether practice can make a presentation successful, I would probably say YES but not to the fullest extent. Though people practice multiple times, they fail to deliver a successful presentation. So does it mean practicing a lot is not right? I didn’t mean that way though.


Before you practice for a presentation have the following essentials in your mind, so that your practice leads to successful delivery.

  • The presentation is not about YOU, it is all about the information you are to deliver
  • Purpose of the presentation
  • Audience
  • Takeaways

When you are aware and you strongly focus on the above essentials, then you have the freedom to craft your approach inside the boundaries of the presentation’s purpose and expected results.

So before practicing, consider your key essentials.

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Azhar Ahmed (Director-Training)

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