Is Learning English through your Mother Tongue Correct?

Is Learning English through your Mother Tongue Correct?

Everyone in the world knows that English is a very significant language and without English, you cannot touch the top of your field. So everyone who knows the impact of English wants to learn it through best spoken English classes. For many people the idea of learning English using their own mother tongue is a very good idea. They think that understanding the meaning of everything in English will make them to understand and speak English more easily than learning English in English.

Many people argue about learning English in English and they blame themself that they do not understand a word of English, how are they supposed to learn it? But, if they translate words in their own mother tongue it becomes pretty easy for them to learn English. Well, the fact that this method may be helpful if used properly but it has a lot of boundaries and cannot be used to learn different topics.

Do you think you lack in your Fluency?      

Though, people who learn English using their own mother tongues usually follow the method of translation. Learning English in your mother tongue and learning English using your mother tongue is different. If a trainer trains you English in your mother tongue without the method of translation, then all is well. But if you learn English with the method of translation using your mother tongue, then it is a mischance. The method of translation is the bad way to learn English. In the beginning, using this method, you will feel that you know a lot of English which may be true to some extent. But as your level has been increased this method is impossible to learn.

learning english through mother tongue - right or wrong

The Biggest Mistake While Learning Sentence

The worst thing people do, is learning Tenses, Modal Verbs, Active Passive voice, using the method of translation in mother tongue, which ends in a complete disappointment. Ask yourself  how do you try to learn these things? Do you follow the method of translation to learn English? If you do, it will never end in success. Tenses cannot be learnt this way. The only way to study is to know their uses. Each Tense has different uses. There are some tenses which show the Past, the Present and the future time.

The Importance of Pronunciation

The importance of pronunciation in communication skills cannot be changed. In fact it is as important as grammar. Nevertheless, the evidence of mother tongue influence on English is very clear. This establishes in the form of incorrect pronunciation.

Pronunciation error may be due to several issues. Every language has boundaries, so does yours. It is quite possible that all the sounds present in English may not be in your mother tongue. The most common reason is transfer from the mother tongue. Commonly, errors made in pronunciation are due to variation in the Voice and Accent.

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