How To Remember The Learnt Vocabulary

How To Remember The Learnt Vocabulary

Becoming a master of the subject may look like an impossible task, especially when you are working on a complicated language like English. Having a phenomenal vocabulary makes a lot of difference as well. Memorising words may look difficult but some simple tips and tricks can help you a great deal with the same. Here, I have tried listing down some smart steps to help you with remembering the new words and making them a part of your vocabulary.

Understand the Context: While you learn any new word, try and know about its usage as well. This helps you in understanding the correct meaning of the word and you are able to use it quite frequently and that too with confidence.

Related Words: When you write some essay or prepare for some speech try and use as many synonyms as possible for the words. These synonyms as they become a part of your speech which you practice number of time; they find a place in your vocabulary as well. But make sure you use them in correct context to avoid irrelevant sentence formation.

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Record Yourself: By hearing your voice over and over again you feel your mouth move and that way you are able to connect the words and sentence to your brain. Also, practice words in front of a mirror to see your lips move, this also helps a great deal in remembering the words.

Make Flashcards: One of the smartest ways of learning and remembering new words is preparing flashcards. Prepare cards for the new word which you have learned with its meaning and hang it or place it at the place which is frequently visited by you. This will make you read the word again and again and thus make it a part of your memory.

Take Notes: Always have a small diary and pen with you where ever you go. Try to note down any new proverb or word that you hear and look for the meaning later on. This helps you develop a habit of listening carefully and learning new words with their usage as well.

Play Games: Another smart way is to play word games like Scrabble or other online word games. While playing these games you learn a large number of new words and their meanings as well. Also, this also helps in improving the quality of synonyms.

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Speaking: Speaking has always been the best way of learning, so try and use the new learned words as many times as possible and in different context. This will bring those words to regular usage. For assuring you speak regularly and learn new everyday you may plan on joining some online or traditional classroom which offers English communication courses. I would suggest you to join Aksent Institute which is the best spoken English class in Chennai and offers the widest range of course to improve vocabulary and communication skills. They also offer online classes which would support the public who could not visit the class regularly.

Try these easy tricks to enhance your vocabulary and attain ornamental English language.



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