How to Ask For A Raise From Your Boss?

How to Ask For A Raise From Your Boss?

You may come across number of articles and blogs online about how to negotiate for a better salary. But what if you are not really sure that you deserve the raise or not?

In my career till date I have come across number of successful people on professional front and no self worth. One of my colleagues who had been a dedicated and a loyal employee and has been performing his job diligently for years was not being paid the amount which he actually deserved. The new people joining the company and replacing the old positions were being paid better than him on the initial grounds. He then realised his work deserved much more than what he was actually earning. He had a feeling of insecurity and was uncomforted thinking why didn’t the company offer him the raise? Did he not deserve or has he not worked hard enough?

He lost his interest in the job which he loved once and felt resentful, sullen and distrustful. So in order to overcome these feelings, the solution he had with him was to ask for a raise. But before he went to confront the boss he researched on every extra ordinary effort which he had put and the results which he offered. His experience was better than the others, he handled a huge team and also his work was always appreciated. He also realised his changing behaviour has impacted the working of the system to an extent.

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He then realised his worth and stepped into the cabin to ask for what he deserved. It is always necessary to analyse your self-worth before you ask for the raise. Here I have tried to list down a few of the steps to make sure you recognise and appreciate your own efforts and find the guts to speak your heart.

Have a feeling of urgency:

We as human prefer to remain safe especially when we lack confidence; it is even more risky to ask for the raise. But the fact is that you may have already passed the breaking point. If you are frustrated and restless with your job and salary than trust me it is the time to confront your boss. Recognise the importance of your action and worth to the company and speak your heart out.

Do a competitive research:

To avoid unreasonable conversation it is better to go researched. Have an analysis of the market and the salary which people are earning at your position, to show the statistics before asking the raise.

Conduct personal assessment:

You should consider looking into every factor to have the complete picture, from your education to your dedication towards the company. Also make sure you have listed down all the unique tasks which you have performed and the successful assignments which offered fortune to the company. Also, have some documented evidences to support your claim.

Even after knowing you deserve it, you resist just because of the voice in your mind which do not let you recognise your self-worth. But do not let this opinion of yours define the original value. Keep confident and be honest. Appreciate your achievements and you will be able to ask what you actually deserve.


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