How Listening Helps in Improving English?

How Listening Helps in Improving English?

Though English speaking is considered to be the best and most rewarding method of learning English, but the fact is that the more you listen the more you learn. As a child when words and their meaning were not known to you, all you did was imitate what your parents did and this is how you learned your language. The similar is the case with English language as well, the more you listen more you become fluent and confident.

When you hear natives communicating in English you try to grab their accent and talk the way they do. Also while listening to English music you try to imitate their way of singing. Well, each of us is on the same road, I little closer or a little far. Even I have improved my skills in the language by watching English TV series and Hollywood movies. With each episode I tried adding a few new words to my vocabulary and this is how I refined my language and tongue in regards to English.

Considering the fact that you are here to know the ways listening can help you improves your English speaking skills, I have listed down a few simple methods which can support your cause.

How Listening Helps in Improving English

Watch English TV Series: Big Bang Theory, FRIENDS, How I met your mother and vampire diaries to start with, you can watch these popular TV series to improve your language just by listening. For better results make sure you sit with paper can pen handy while watching the episodes, just to note down a few new words and look for their meanings later on. Well, this was one of my ways while I was learning.

Listen to Hollywood music: Another fun thing to do and improve English just by listening is to listen to English music. To start with try Miley Cyrus, Enrique Iglesias, Taylor Swift, JP Copper, and Jonas Brothers etc. These are a few of the singers who stage comparatively simple, decent and easily understandable songs for Indian audience. You can start with them and then find your way to the other favourites. (Suggestion: Try and have headsets while you listen to grasp each word in a better manner.)

Listen to English Orators: Another way to improve your tongue is listening to influential English orators, who will not only draw your interest in their subjects but will also make learning English a fun activity.

Well, these were a few of my best tried and tested ways to improve spoken English by listening. While you listen like a new born to the subject, you learn everything from the beginning, that is sounds which they make while speaking to the end, that is the tone, accent and pace while speaking in their tongue.

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