Expressing yourself in meetings

Have you ever had any light bulbs going off in your head in a meeting and yet did not speak a word?

Have you ever offended someone in a meeting just for sharing an opinion?

I’m sure most of you would have nodded your head instantly. Meetings are part and parcel of a corporate environment and a place where many decisions are made and also a place where careers are shaped. Hence it’s critical that you’re not a silent spectator and share your two cents whenever possible.

There are few things to keep in mind when you’re in a meeting:

  • Conduct – For your opinion to be valued and respected, it’s important that your conduct in the meeting is disciplined. For example – Using your phone, creating distractions or not maintaining eye contact are some of the sins you shouldn’t commit!

Group Meeting

  • Timing – During the course of the meeting you should identify the appropriate time to express your thought. If the tone of the meeting has taken a serious note or there is some tension, then you should weigh your opinion and see if it fits in with the mood. You should also make sure that you never interrupt anyone’s line of thought.
  • Polish your words – It’s good to leave a shine on your words in a meeting. “In my opinion”, “I believe”, “I hold the view that”, “In my eyes”, “I am with him on that point”, “I am sure” are some of the phrases you can use while expressing your opinion.
  • Tone – It’s always important to make sure that your tone is neutral and professional. A decorum should always be maintained even if anything irks you.
  • Rounded opinion – It’s important to make sure that your opinion has covered all bases. For example, if you’re going to disagree with someone, you should be able to clearly state the reason you’re disagreeing with them and also present the other side effectively.
  • Body language – You’re one of a kind, so act like it! Be confident in whatever opinion you’re expressing. Half the time, your conviction is what gets your opinion accepted.


Apart from the above points, always make sure that you go to meetings on time, or rather before time and be dressed appropriately for the occasion as these would the first few things people around you will notice. So here were some of the things that you should keep in mind while attending a meeting. All the best, and hopefully you will not be a silent spectator anymore!

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