Know the difference between Business English and General English

Know the difference between Business English and General English

English is the language of universal business, and Business English can be defined as the use of English language skills as an international business communication tool. A General English course for business people is not the same as Business English course. Similarly, it is not just knowledge of business vocabulary. Obviously, it does involve this, but it is a great deal more than that. It is, in effect, all about the acquisition of an international communication skill-set, using the medium of the English language.

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Most people using Business English in their workplace are non-native English speakers, Even though there is variety of culture, languages and nationalities, it has become regular habit, in effect, the ‘national’ language of planet Earth. Hence, a very important aspect of  Business English is that it is cross-cultural; whereas language-learning normally involves gaining some knowledge of the culture that the language, A good Business English trainer will have an important awareness of this, and will adapt the use of English to the trainee’s culture rather than the other ways.

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There are a number of other important differences between Business English and Normal English.

  • Business English is not about knowing how to speak a new language? It is about adapting the language we already know, and to use in a practical business context.
  • Business English is not just about using a foreign language; different skills are also used that are required to be learned by native-speakers, for example should able to write a good business letter.
  • In a Normal English group, Maximum of the learners will be in same requirements. However, this is not always necessary in Business English, because the focus is on obtaining specific communication skills which can have application at different levels. Aksent’s best Business English course includes successful presentation, effective meeting, negotiation skills, telephonic etiquette, socializing skills, and Email Writing skills.

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  • Usually various teaching approaches and methodologies can apply in Normal English learning, the approach in Business English is specifically a task-based one. The learner is equipped with necessary task as an exercise, e.g. how to express themselves better at workplace with Business Communication in a practical way.
  • Business English Classes includes a number of disciplines collectively known as English for specific purposes (ESP). These include E-mail writing Course, Successful Presentation Program, Negotiating Skills Training, Effective Selling Skills, English for Human Resources, Telephoning and Socializing Skills, English for Nursing, English for the Hotels and catering industry. 

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