Best Tips To Improve Public Speaking Skills

Best Tips To Improve Public Speaking Skills

You are well known to the fact that you are an introvert and just a thought of presenting yourself in front of public gives you hard Goosebumps. It doesn’t make a difference to you if the public is known or unknown, there are just a few people or a huge crowd, all you know is you cannot face them. But the fact is each one of us know there would come a day we will have to stand alone in front of the crowd for fulfilling our own personal motive and speak at the highest of our voice without fearing anyone. So, let us face this fact and make sure we do not miss upon the opportunity when it knocks our door.

This is the major cause of discussing the topic today. It is really necessary that you eradicate the fear in your brain and focus on delivering your best and that too with complete confidence.

To help you support your cause and present yourself bold in front of the public I have tried to list down some smart techniques which are really helpful when public speaking is the concern.

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Prepare: Do not go raw in front of the audience or else you may sound irrelevant and illogical and people would not pay attention to your thoughts. Always go researched. Put your thoughts in for words on paper; use Google to access all kind of facts and figures relating to your topic to sound even more realistic and then practice before you actually face the audience on your big day.

Work on your Positives: Have complete knowledge of your positives and negatives and work upon them accordingly. Be natural and do not change yourself to pretend to be someone you are not. Focus on your best which may be your humour, your story telling skills, general knowledge or any other thing and then present yourself strong using your strengths.

Get in touch with on-stage Persona: Public speaking on stage is an art just like acting. As acting does not come naturally so it is suggested to get in touch with your on-stage persona. This will also help you understand about your extroverted part and help you get rid of anxiety which could have spoiled your performance.

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Get use to the environment: While getting on the stage try and have the glimpse of the audience and the environment in the crowd. This helps you prepare for a stronger start and get the initial attention of your audience. If you find the audience is bored and tired, try to have a funny or engaging start which can bring their mood back and they find it interesting listening to you.

Your appearance make a difference: Not just the thoughts, ideas and voice make a difference but your appearance also have a complete impact. So, work on your personality as well. Wear professional but comfortable clothes, try to look confident and avoid nervousness. Also have an image of an extrovert and jolly person even if you are not, to attract your audience.

All this may look difficult at the beginning but becomes easy with practice. I would also suggest you to look for the English classes which help you improve upon your public speaking and communication skills. Aksent Institute of one of the most recommended institute which is known to be the best Spoken English Institute in Chennai and offers the widest range of courses to work on your communication skills. You may go for either their online or traditional classes to work on your communication skills.



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