6 Common Mistakes We Should Avoid During a Presentation

6 Common Mistakes We Should Avoid During a Presentation

Good presentation skills have become sought after and in this digital age the importance of presentation skills have become even more relevant.

As you grow in your career, the need for creating and delivering presentations is almost frequent. Instead of dwelling on effective presentation skills in this blog post, we are going to focus on mistakes that we should avoid while delivering a presentation.

Good presentation skills training modules will have a module dedicated to the mistakes that we should avoid. Like one great man once said – “Tell me what NOT to do first”.

Here are 6 mistakes that you should definitely not make while delivering a presentation.

1. Look and Tell

The major mistake that people make while delivering a presentation is that they constantly look at their slides or read from them. This should be avoided. Unless there is a picture or a video, the attention of the audience should always be focused on you,

2. One way traffic

Your delivery should not be a one way traffic. You should ensure that you’re constantly asking questions and keeping them engaged and on their feet. Challenging your audience with interesting questions is another way to keep them occupied.

3. Understanding your audience

You need to make sure that when you’re speaking, you are speaking in such a way that it appeals to them and also make sure that it’s relevant to them. Giving examples that are not related to their field of interests may backfire and will not have the desired result. Ensure that you’re catering to your audience.

4. No delays

This is where most presentations fail, they start late or sometimes drag it too late. When you’re doing mock runs of your presentations, ensure that you’re timing it. Make sure that you stick to an average acceptable time. Also, ensure that the presentation starts off at the prescribed time, else the audience may get jittery and lose their seriousness. This is also applicable to keeping the equipment handly, looking for equipments or equipment related queries during a presentation will look highly unprofessional.

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5.Not giving space for questions

Sometimes in our efforts to end the presentation as quickly as possible, we often skip the feedback session or the Q and A session. It’s imperative that we give the audience an opportunity to ask us questions and share their understanding of the topic discussed. This will help you clarify any misconceptions and also understand their level of understanding of the topic.

6. Tone and body language

Our tone should not be monotonous because this more often than not lulls them into sleep. It’s critical that we show variations in our tone to keep the room more lively.

It’s important to note that presentations are a great way to show the leader in you. We need to ensure that we grab them with both hands. Attending presentation skills workshops is a good way to improve your presentation skills as well.

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