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Our Team

“We talk a lot about hope, helping and teamwork. Our whole message is that we are powerful together”

B. Rafi Ahmed

B. Rafi Ahmed

Head - Operations

Rafi Ahmed possesses a strong capacity for getting things done throughout his professional career. Since his completion of his education, he recognized his forte and chose a passionate career in technical training. He served L&T and various engineering enterprises as a technical consultant in the areas of NDT, Quality Testing, and so on. During his career he found many professionals in the technical industry lacking communication skills and that made him to venture Aksent. He is an able administrator and in-charge of customer relations here.  He consults several corporate in hard skills training along with interpersonal skills communication.

R. A. Sultana

R. A. Sultana

Head- Research and Development

Sultana enjoys 15+ years of Experience in the field of English Language training. After completing her Masters in English and Business Administration, she started her career as an English Language Teacher at Aksent. Later, she focussed towards research and development in bringing out effective courses that could bridge the gap between students and teachers. She conducts regular workshops on various ELT subjects in prestigious institutions across India. Her workshops are an eye-opener to the audience of how ELT can be carried successfully on and off classrooms.  She serves various corporate communities and offers several programs intending on improving work competencies.

Course Instructor - Azar Ahmed

Expert English teacher Dr. Azhar Ahmed has been teaching students from all over the world for 15+ years in various Institutions and Corporate Communities. He has helped students from all over the world achieve success with their English, helping people get better jobs with their English or adapt to living in a new country. Training English is a delicate balance of skill, insight, planning and understanding. It requires patient, smart and experienced people to do it well. Simply put, Dr. Azhar loves teaching English. It is a massive thrill for him when every student succeeds. During his university studies he has been involved voluntarily with several organisations as an intern and this experience, along with his learning about subjects such as Economics, Public Administration, Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Psychology, and English gave him the crucial insight into the world of personality skills and using English as a means of communication both with native and non-native speakers. He is a passionate promoter of English and structurally approaches to accent, pitch and modulation as a means to give trainees understand the nuances of English language. He is an internationally trained trainer offering individuals and groups with a wide variety of options ranging from practical training to mentoring options. He also serves as freelance editor to various corporate groups by developing copy writing supplies. His sessions and seminars on Communication are always a mixture of General English and Corporate Culture as he strongly believes that both go hand in hand for individuals in their life

Our Academic Team

Karthik Swaminathan
Trainer –ELT/ESP
With over 15 years of cumulative experience from diverse industry background, Karthik gives his students the best of his abilities to learn, understand and speak as they communicate in their native language spontaneously. He rolls up all his past experience to give students live examples, tasks & homework that gives them continuous and frequent practice without getting them take a gap. As he is very much committed to excellence and passionate towards training people it gives him immense pleasure and satisfaction. Karthik is also an expert in content development and he pens down number of articles on various topics regularly.

Arifa Ferhana
Trainer –ELT
Arifa is specific in handling communicative English courses at Aksent. Her interests include artwork, reading books and meeting new people. She engages herself in Outreach Program (Training) and contributes articles as a team to chennailivenews.com. Passion towards training made her join hands with Aksent. She assists her trainees to enhance their communicative skills by supporting them to acquire appropriate pronunciation, build up essays and formulate their thoughts. She guides them to be successful in expressing their ideas better. Her classes are motivating and interactive that make her students feel ease at learning.

Trainer –ELT/ESP
Bindu has been into corporate training for over six years now and has worked with several multinational companies in Bangalore.  She has completed her “Train the Trainer certification for BPO training”.  Bindu enjoys traveling, watching movies and learning new languages. Here at Aksent, she delivers English language training to students of various levels. She also trains students on Customer service skills, business English, soft skills and pronunciation.

Christopher Charles
Trainer – ELT
Christopher possesses over 5 years experience as a trainer of English, he is very passionate in training people, he is an athlete, he has participated in lot of sports activities & won medals. He imparts go-getter attitude to his trainees and the power of positive thinking. His ways of training English is commendable, he has a good command over the language and inspired by everyone.

Solomon Hirudayaraj
Trainer ELT
Solomon is excellent in converting students of less language ability. He gradually trains them to understand grammar and evolve in communication skills.  He adapts cognitive methods of initial learning, critical thinking and further infusing language inside their brain. He reinstates his students a complete transformation, for instance he stresses them to adapt a life style of frequent regular practice of using the language at home & friends always. He is an excellent story teller that he uses his ability to train his students.

Sowmya Vadani
Trainer ELT
Sowmya is good at giving corporate style lectures whenever she starts the class, she would start with an anecdote that would give a moral message. She is a photographer by hobby and her photographs have won all India contests for the best photography award in the year 2011. She is well experienced handling group of trainees with different abilities. She has experience using sign language so that she uses to train foreign students.

Rajeshwar Trainer
Over 8 years Rajeshwar has been involved in English language training and business English. He has extraordinary interpersonal skills that he always engages himself with cultural events and philanthropic activities. He is a well known team player capable of taking initiatives on the first place. He involves his trainees with lots of drills, tests and activities that boost confidence within learner’s psychology. He is an energetic and vibrant guy with lots of ideas in store.

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Individual Attention during TrainingYesNo
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Customized and Flexible SyllabusYesNo
Personalized and Individual FeedbackYesNo
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Speaking and Writing AssessmentsYesNo
Course Swapping OptionYesNo
Off – Training Support (Chat and Call)YesNo
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