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Incepted in 2001, Aksent is recognized as one of the premier Online English Training Academies in India. We have our campus in West Chennai, Tamil Nadu offering a variety of courses designed for English aspirants. Aksent brings a focused and international approach towards all training projects, which has contributed to wonderful long-term client relationships and consistent success. With 400000+ trainees, Aksent’s history is proven by series of best training services and triumphs.

Our Academy

Our Approach

Aksent’s Online English learning features in a very natural way similar to native speakers learn their first language. Our language experts analyze the issues faced by the learners, their capacity to cope up and devise a plan to improvise their skills in a most effortless way of learning. Unlike other subjects, Language learning attributes to frequent continuous practice and mind mapping techniques. Infusing Language into the system is one of Aksent’s prominent techniques to achieve the best of efforts.

Why Aksent? 

We adopt a distinct method beyond the classroom, we implement an integrated training strategy, our sessions are structured to be interactive & participate in a fun and dynamic environment. We engage students in practical sessions, and we groom up people to participate in discussions and presentations. Our evaluation methods, pronouncing feedback, and initiatives to develop the skill are of their kind in the industry. Our continuous effort, individual attention adds up to our success.

Our Learners

Our Learners come out with a need, they believe us, they want their need to be addressed in the first place, and we treat them with keen attention, we ensure they get fulfilled when they leave us. At Aksent we evaluate every student, consolidate on a plan, plan constitutes of training aids, modules, and a pattern. Our expert trainers understand the competency level of everyone carry out the training program in an efficient manner. Growth is measured in terms of reviews and progress tests. The evaluation tests confirm the transformation of the students.

Since 2001

20+ years of experience in English language training has made Aksent span across various training methodologies and develop unique Online English courses to guide you to master English. Our unparalleled training expertise along with best practices gives you the comfort of learning English at the easiest and most importantly, the right way.

Our Training Materials

Unlike other training centers that follow vernacular courseware, Aksent’s Online English courses are aligned with the international curriculum of Oxford and Cambridge, so that you enjoy the unlimited scope of authenticated learning, which means genuine and worldwide acknowledged syllabus.

We Inspire

We just don’t train, we inspire. We are aware that English learning is not like other subjects, and only a mentoring relationship gradually, from a friend or a professional association with valuable insights and experience to share can discover your desire to learn. At Aksent, all our trainers are experienced and qualified professionals who are passionate to see your progress during all aspects of training.

Interactive Sessions

Good-bye to boring theory classrooms. Many English training centers deliver theory and board-based classrooms, and that is why they have been unproductive. We strongly believe that you learn quickly when you practice and at Aksent, we allow you to practice. Additionally, interactive, and regular feedback sessions from your trainer give you the advantage to acquire skills faster.

Multiple Courses

We understand that learning English varies as per your necessity. With the best Online English Courses and six-level instructions, Aksent is considered a one-stop Online English training academy for individuals and corporate centers. Keeping your requirements in mind, we are proud to say, we are one among the country offering a wide range of updated English courses under one roof.

Highly Rated

Aksent, since its inception constantly strives to offer the best of our English training services to our clients and customers. Aksent is proud to say that we are one among the few English training institutes that have been rated 4.8 Stars by our students. We outrank on all the rating portals such as Google, JustDial, etc.,

Our Secret of Success...

We, at Aksent, are aware that Language learning is as important as learning any other subject, in this competitive world having extraordinary technical skills underplay when once couldn’t express and present himself properly. Our training objective is not just to make our students speak English as learners but as professionals.  The very first move to step into Aksent unlocks the door of infinite possibilities, we hold your palm and make you walk through the cake, likely reclining in a cozy chair watching the stars at night we give you the comfort of making your dreams come true. The modern concepts like (EQ) emotional quotient and emotional intelligence for skilled workforce insist understanding & expressing emotion is contributed by language ability. Always people come out with a need, they believe us, they want their need to be addressed in the first place, and we treat them with keen attention, we ensure they get fulfilled when they leave us.


What happens in the Online Training?

Often our people are dumbfounded unable to talk, speaking at the appropriate time with appropriate vocabulary is the key to success, we at Aksent, eliminate your fear of speaking, and we break the ice and make you feel free to open your mouth. We carefully take professional measures to eradicate your shyness to express.

Speaking a language should be spontaneous and automatic. We encourage thoughtless speech that helps to exceed your hesitation due to inexperience. We guide you to come out of your long inherent attitude of being scared of doing mistakes while speaking.

As learning a language through conscious effort doesn’t yield the desired result we mainly rely on infusing language into the brain using modern brain infusion methods. Our methods are live ideas those live ideas include brainstorming sessions, careless gossiping, small talk, storytelling, thoughtless speech, jokes sessions, socializing, and critical thinking.

Listening, by all means, is a way of acquiring language ability. We devote a part of the lessons by making you hear the listening content, educate, and evaluate. Our courses contain tests that help you to realize your level of competence.


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